A museum for the whole family

  • The AfricaMuseum follows the federal COVID-guidelines and welcomes individual visitors, families and groups of up to 4 adults (children < 12 years old not included).
  • Guided tours are again allowed for free visitors! Take a look at the extensive offer and book online for up to 15 people. You can also book by phone or e-mail via the Welcome & Reservations department.
    For guided tours and workshops, mouth masks are mandatory from the age of 10.
  • Tickets can only be purchased on the AfricaMuseum website. For any questions regarding the purchase of tickets on the website, please contact the Welcome & Reservations.
  • The selection of a time slot is mandatory when purchasing an online ticket. Within this time slot, visitors can check in at the entrance desk or at the ticket. There is no time limit on the duration of the visit itself.
  • The picnic area of the museum will remain closed until further notice to both individual visitors and school groups. You can have lunch in the adjacent park.
  • Mouths masks are mandatory from the age of 12.


The AfricaMuseum is a fascinating place for young and old alike. Every effort is made to welcome and assist families during their visit.

The admission in free under 18s.

  •  01.07.2021 - 31.08.2021

    Tour "Schatten van Vlieg"

    For the whole family.
    From 7 years old.

  •  01.07.2021 - 31.08.2021

    Tips for a day in and around the AfricaMuseum

    Why not make your museum visit a great day out?




WATOTO Activity booklet for kids
6-8 year

In French or Dutch, at the entrance desk: 2 €

WATOTO Activity booklet for kids
9-12 year

In French or Dutch, at the entrance desk: 2 €

MABELÉ Activity booklet for kids
6-8 year

In French or Dutch, at the entrance desk: 2 €

MABELÉ Activity booklet for kids
9-12 jaar

In French or Dutch, at the entrance desk: 2 €


Birthday workshop

Celebrate your birthday to the rhythm of the African rumba! 

During this vibrant workshop, you and your group will sing, dance and play along a route through several African societies.

A search through the museum’s galleries will introduce you to the little thumb piano, the bow harp and the slit drum, as well as swinging rumba dancers, drum orchestras and much, much more. 

Back in our miniature concert hall, you will join a professional musician for an amazing jam session filled with musical stories, dance and music!  

Practical information:

  • reservation required
  • duration: 1h30
  • audience: kids 7-12 year
  • participants: 9 kids max. + 1 adult (with face mask)
  • language: in French, Dutch and English
  • price: 140 €


AfricaMuseumQuest: game in the permanent exhibition

Interactive game throughout the different rooms of the museum.


Family-friendly experience

At the reception you will receive a floor plan showing all the highlights for children: 

  • musical instruments to try
  • crafts corner
  • rumba corner
  • games on touchscreens
  • Virtual Reality experience (8 years old and up, with parental supervision)
  • and more

Temporarily unavailable due to health measures:
In the museum our animals are on open displays. Please do not touch the animals. The floor plan shows you where you can feel different animal skins. 

If you want to prepare your visit, download the floor plan

In Tervuren, enjoy the beautiful park as well. A short walk through the park leads you and the children to a beautiful large playground on the outskirts of the town.


Duration of the visit

The museum's floor area has doubled after the renovation, so allow at least 2 hours for a visit.


Eating and drinking in the museum

There are several spots where you can have something to eat or drink.

  • Coffee corner:
    • During weekends, you can enjoy here a sandwich or soup; on weekdays, drinks and healthy snacks can be purchased from a vending machine. 
    • You can also eat your own snacks in the coffee corner.
    • A microwave oven for warming baby food is available.
  • Tembo, the museum restaurant:
    • Tembo has a nice play area for children.
    • Tembo offers a special children's menu.
      It is advisable to book in advance in Tembo!
  • Picnic room
    • Do you prefer to bring your own picnic? You can! 
    • When the weather is nice, the park is ideal for a pleasant picnic.
    • In rainy weather and on weekends, our picnic room at level -2 is open. 


Tailor-made facilities

  • Handrails at child's height.
  • Low toilets (in the new building).
  • Breastfeeding area: at level -2 of the museum, with changing tables for babies, armchair and screens.


Any tips on our offer for families? 
Your feedback is important to us.
Please send us your comments to: info@africamuseum.be