Tervuren Xylarium Wood Database

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(Vent.) Schott & Endl.

Familia: Sterculiaceae
Species name according to: Meletemata Botanica 33. 1832.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Pictures from external sites
Features and microscopic photographs from Inside Wood database
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Ajauru hausa Nigeria Keay (1989)
awase Ghana http://www.cabicompendium.org
bese Ghana http://www.cabicompendium.org
bese-pa Ghana http://www.cabicompendium.org
bitter cola english http://www.cabicompendium.org
bose Ghana http://www.cabicompendium.org
Chigban'bi nupe Nigeria Keay (1989)
cola nut english http://www.cabicompendium.org
Colanuss german Coster (1993)
colatero spanish http://www.cabicompendium.org
colatier http://www.cabicompendium.org
coleira Brazil http://www.cabicompendium.org
esele Ghana http://www.cabicompendium.org
esele Ivory Coast http://www.cabicompendium.org
Goro hausa Nigeria Keay (1989)
goro Benin http://www.cabicompendium.org
goro Burkina Faso http://www.cabicompendium.org
goro Chad http://www.cabicompendium.org
goro Ghana http://www.cabicompendium.org
goro Guinea http://www.cabicompendium.org
goro Mali http://www.cabicompendium.org
goro Niger http://www.cabicompendium.org
goro Senegal http://www.cabicompendium.org
goro Sierra Leone http://www.cabicompendium.org
goro Sudan http://www.cabicompendium.org
goro Togo http://www.cabicompendium.org
gouro woro Burkina Faso http://www.cabicompendium.org
gouro woro Ivory Coast http://www.cabicompendium.org
kola Guinea http://www.cabicompendium.org
kola Guinea-Bissau http://www.cabicompendium.org
kola Sierra Leone http://www.cabicompendium.org
kola english http://www.cabicompendium.org
Kola Noot dutch Coster (1993)
Kola Nut english Coster (1993)
Kolabaum german http://www.cabicompendium.org
kolatier french http://www.cabicompendium.org
köllo Guinea http://www.cabicompendium.org
köllo Liberia http://www.cabicompendium.org
köllo Sierra Leone http://www.cabicompendium.org
kolo Guinea http://www.cabicompendium.org
kolo Liberia http://www.cabicompendium.org
kolo Sierra Leone http://www.cabicompendium.org
kööla Guinea http://www.cabicompendium.org
kööla Guinea-Bissau http://www.cabicompendium.org
kööla Sierra Leone http://www.cabicompendium.org
kouro Burkina Faso http://www.cabicompendium.org
kouro Ivory Coast http://www.cabicompendium.org
leu Ivory Coast http://www.cabicompendium.org
obi gbanja Benin http://www.cabicompendium.org
obi gbanja Togo http://www.cabicompendium.org
Obi-gbanja yoruba Nigeria Keay (1989)
Oji igbo Nigeria Keay (1989)
oro Burkina Faso http://www.cabicompendium.org
oro Mali http://www.cabicompendium.org
ouessè Ivory Coast http://www.cabicompendium.org
towélé Guinea http://www.cabicompendium.org
woro Burkina Faso http://www.cabicompendium.org
woro Ivory Coast http://www.cabicompendium.org
wörö dyn Burkina Faso http://www.cabicompendium.org
wörö dyn Ivory Coast http://www.cabicompendium.org
wöröyo West Africa http://www.cabicompendium.org
wouassé Ivory Coast http://www.cabicompendium.org
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