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(Loefl.) Stuntz

Familia: Combretaceae
Species name according to: U.S. department of agriculture. Bureau of plant industry. Inventory of seeds and plants imported by the office of foreign seed and plant introduction 31: 86. 1914.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Combretum aurantiacum Benth.; Combretum benthamianum Van Heurck & Müll. Arg.; Combretum farinosum Kunth; Combretum farinosum var. phaenopetalum Donn. Sm.; Combretum formosum G. Don; Combretum fruticosum (Loefl.) Fawc. & Rendle; Combretum gloriosum Rusby; Combretum lepidopetalum Pittier; Combretum lindbergii Eichler ex Rusby; Combretum lindbergii Eichler ex Rusby; Combretum loeflingii Eichler; Combretum loeflingii subsp. ornithophilum Suess.; Combretum micropetalum DC.; Combretum multidiscum Rusby; Combretum occidentale L.; Combretum oxypetalum G. Don; Combretum phaenopetalum (Donn. Sm.) Pittier; Combretum polystachyum Pittier; Combretum reticulatum Presl ex Walp.; Combretum secundum Jacq.; Combretum superbum Pittier; Combretum tetragonum C. Presl; Combretum trinitense Britton; Combretum warszewiczianum Eichler; Gaura fruticosa Loefl.;
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