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(Benth.) Stapf

Familia: Apocynaceae
Species name according to: Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London 1899: 2-3. 1899.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Funtumia latifolia (Stapf) Schltr.; Kickxia africana Benth.; Kickxia latifolia Stapf; Kickxia zenkeri K. Schum.;
Features and microscopic photographs from Inside Wood database
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Ako-ire yoruba Nigeria Keay (1989)
Amyan Nigeria Tailfer (1989)
Anyan edo Nigeria Keay (1989)
bastard wild rubber english http://www.worldagroforestry.org/Sites/TreeDBS/aft.asp
Bobele Coster (1993)
Bole Coster (1993)
Buboi Coster (1993)
bush rubber english http://www.worldagroforestry.org/Sites/TreeDBS/aft.asp
Damba Cameroon Tailfer (1989)
Debo Congo - Brazzaville Tailfer (1989)
Diabudimbu tshiluba Congo - Kinshasa Tailfer (1989)
Diladila tshiluba Congo - Kinshasa Tailfer (1989)
Egwi Gabon Tailfer (1989)
Equi Coster (1993)
Ereh Coster (1993)
Ety Coster (1993)
Ireh Coster (1993)
Lagos rubber english http://www.worldagroforestry.org/Sites/TreeDBS/aft.asp
male funtum english http://www.worldagroforestry.org/Sites/TreeDBS/aft.asp
Manan Coster (1993)
Mba miri igbo Nigeria Keay (1989)
Mubudi tshofa Congo - Kinshasa Tailfer (1989)
Mukama Coster (1993)
Mutalabudimbu tshofa Congo - Kinshasa Tailfer (1989)
Mutondo Coster (1993)
Mutunda Coster (1993)
Mutundu Coster (1993)
Ngomaban Coster (1993)
Ngondamba Cameroon Tailfer (1989)
Ngong-mébamé Gabon Tailfer (1989)
Nkwame boki Nigeria Keay (1989)
Ouala Coster (1993)
Pau cadeiro portuguese Coster (1993)
Pe Coster (1993)
Pesin Coster (1993)
Pouo Coster (1993)
Pri Ivory Coast Tailfer (1989)
Wala Coster (1993)