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(Benth.) Rehder

Familia: Fagaceae
Species name according to: Journal of the Arnold Arboretum 1(2): 127. 1919.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Cyclobalanopsis ternaticupula (Hayata) Kudô; Cyclobalanopsis ternaticupula fo. arisanensis (Hayata) Kudô; Cyclobalanus hancei (Benth.) Oerst.; Cyclobalanus ternaticupula (Hayata) Nakai; Lithocarpus arisanensis (Hayata) Hayata; Lithocarpus blaoensis A. Camus; Lithocarpus cuneiformis A. Camus; Lithocarpus jingdongensis Y.C. Hsu & H.J. Qian; Lithocarpus matsudai Hayata; Lithocarpus mupinensis (Rehder & E.H. Wilson) A. Camus; Lithocarpus omeiensis A. Camus; Lithocarpus spicatus var. mupinensis Rehder & E.H. Wilson; Lithocarpus subreticulatus (Hayata) Hayata; Lithocarpus ternaticupulus (Hayata) Hayata; Lithocarpus ternaticupulus fo. matsudai (Hayata) Liao; Lithocarpus ternaticupulus var. arisanensis (Hayata) Kaneh.; Lithocarpus ternaticupulus var. subreticulata (Hayata) Liao; Lithocarpus viridis (Schottky) Rehder & E.H. Wilson; Pasania blaoensis (A. Camus) Hu; Pasania brevicaudata var. arisanensis (Hayata) S.S. Ying; Pasania confertifolia Hu; Pasania hancei (Benth.) Schottky; Pasania hancei var. arisanensis (Hayata) J.C. Liao; Pasania hancei var. ternaticupula (Hayata) J.C. Liao; Pasania rhododendrophylla Hu; Pasania subreticulata (Hayata) Hayata; Pasania ternaticupula (Hayata) Schottky; Pasania ternaticupula var. arisanensis (Hayata) Liao; Pasania ternaticupula var. matsudai (Hayata) Liao; Pasania ternaticupula var. subreticulata (Hayata) Liao; Quercus arisanensis Hayata; Quercus hancei Benth.; Quercus subreticulata Hayata; Quercus ternaticupula Hayata; Synaedrys hancei (Benth.) Koidz.; Synaedrys kuarunensis Tomiya; Synaedrys matsudai (Hayata) Kudô; Synaedrys ternaticupula (Hayata) Koidz.;
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