Tervuren Xylarium Wood Database

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Familia: Combretaceae
Species name according to: Cat. n. 4014.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Features and microscopic photographs from Inside Wood database
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
Arracan Coster (1993)
cay ram Coster (1993)
Chakma Coster (1993)
Cho Nhai Coster (1993)
Cho Ram Coster (1993)
dhanukra http://www.cabicompendium.org
dhao http://www.cabicompendium.org
dhau http://www.cabicompendium.org
dhaukra http://www.cabicompendium.org
Dhawu Coster (1993)
dhok http://www.cabicompendium.org
dhokra http://www.cabicompendium.org
Hio Coster (1993)
kala dhaura http://www.cabicompendium.org
kala-dahe India http://www.cabicompendium.org
kardahi http://www.cabicompendium.org
kardhai trade name http://www.cabicompendium.org
kardhai http://www.cabicompendium.org
kathdhai http://www.cabicompendium.org
kola dhaura http://www.cabicompendium.org
Mai Hio Coster (1993)
Nourougon Coster (1993)
Nunnera Coster (1993)
Ram Coster (1993)
Schoong Coster (1993)
Sehoong Coster (1993)
Yon Coster (1993)
Yung Coster (1993)
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