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Official name : Acacia seyal Del. var. fistula (Schweinf.) Oliv.
Family : Fabaceae

3 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HH 3k
Author(s) : Heine, B. & C. König
Title : Plant concepts and plant use .An ethnobotanical survey of the semi-arid and arid lands of East Africa.Part 2: Plants of the So (Uganda).142 p., Band 7 (1988) Kolner Beiträge zur Entwicklungsländerforschung / Cologne Development StudiesVerlag breitenbach Publishers, Saarbrücken, Fort Lauderdale
Symptoms : H(001), H(004), H(006), H(008), H(037), H(051), H(055), H(104), H(135)
Recipes : H(001), eye disease, H(004), open wounds, apply the liquid to eye or wound, respectivelyH(008),diarrhoea, ONS., RNS.
H(104) stomach-ache, swollen belly, ONS., RNS.
H(135), digestion, chew bark or soak bark in water and drink VO.
H(055), emet and H(006) laxative, ONS., RNS.
H(037) cough, H(051) fever, H(051) paludism, paludism, chew bark or soak bark in water and drink VO.
H(104), stomach-ache; boil bark, drink cold
Region : East Africa
Country : Uganda (So)
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HT 28
Author(s) : Tabuti, J.R.S., K.A. Lye, S.S. Dhillion
Title : Traditional herbal drugs of Bulamogi, Uganda: plants, use and administration. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 88, pp. 19-44 (2003)
Symptoms : H(020), H(068)
Recipes : H(020) snake, roots of Acacia seyal, RNS.
H(068) amoebiasis, infusion of roots or barks, VO. + bath
Region : East Africa
Country : Uganda, Bulamogi country
Vernacular name : mufuhanduzi, muwela manyo
Reference VT 24
Author(s) : Tabuti John R. S., Shivcharn S. Dhillion & Kaare A. Lye
Title : Ethnoveterinary medicines for cattle (Bos indicus) in Bulamogi county, Uganda: plant species and mode of use. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 88, pp. 279-286 (2003)
Symptoms : V(035)
Recipes : Vb(035) east coast fever, roots of Carissa edulis, Acacia seyal, infusion, VO.
Region : East Africa
Country : Uganda (Bulamogi county)
Vernacular name : mufuwanduzi