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Official name : Agave americana L.
Family : Agavaceae

13 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference B6 Nord
Author(s) : Bellakhdar, J.
Title : La pharmacopée marocaine traditionnelle: Médecine arabe ancienne et savoirs populaires. Ibis Press, 764 p. (1997)
Symptoms : H(003), H(113), H(193)
Recipes : H(003) + H(113) + H(193), pulp of leaves in cataplasm.
Region : North Africa
Country : Moroco
Vernacular name : sabrâ (Arabic), agave (local French)
Reference H3 Nord
Author(s) : Hachi M, T. Hachi, N. Belahbib, J. Dahmani & L. Zidane
Title : Contribution à l'étude floristique et ethnobotanique de la flore médicinale utilisée au niveau de la ville de Khenifra (Maroc) International Journal of Innovation and Applied Studies, Vol. 11 No. , pp. 754-770 (3 Jun. 2015)
Symptoms : H(014), H(113)
Recipes : H(014) eczemas, H(113) rheumatism, leaves of Agave americana in the form of a poultice at the level of the feet
Region : North Africa
Country : Morocco (Khenifra town)
Vernacular name : agave (French), sabra (Arabic)
Reference HD 38
Author(s) : Daruty, C. (Dr)
Title : Plantes Médicinales de l'Ile Maurice et des Pays Intertropicaux (p. 215) General Steam Printing Company, 6, rue du Gouvernement - Maurice (1886)
Symptoms : H(007), H(045), H(100)
Recipes : Agave bittericana used for the treatment of : H(007) diuretic, H(045) vulnerary (roots), H(100) syphilis
Region : Mauritius
Country : Mauritius
Vernacular name : aloes gros (Creole), anaik kathalai (Tamoul)
Reference HD 50
Author(s) : Duncan, AC, Jäger AK, van Staden J
Title : Screening of Zulu medicinal plants for angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors. J. Ethnopharmacol. 68: 63-70. (1999) (From ref : HL 22)
Symptoms : H(008) + H(104), H(151)
Recipes : H(008) + H(104) gastro-intestinal complaints, H(178) heart treatment and H(151) blood pressure regulator, leaves of Agave americana (From ref : HL 22)
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa,
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HK 36a
Author(s) : Kareru, P. G., G. M. Kenji, A. N. Gachanja, J. M. Keriko, G. Mungai
Title : Traditional medicine among the Embu and Mbeere peoples of Kenya. African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines, Volume 4 (1): 75 - 86 (2007)
Symptoms : H(100)
Recipes : H(100) gonorrhoea, roots of Agave americana, decoction, VO. 2 cups/ day during 3 J.
Region : East Africa
Country : Kenya (Eastern Province, Embu and Mbeere tribes)
Vernacular name : makongo (Mbeere)
Reference HK 78
Author(s) : Kidane, L. , G, Gebremedhin & T, Beyene
Title : Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants in Ganta Afeshum District, Eastern Zone of Tigray, Northern Ethiopia Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine,14:64 (2018)
Symptoms : H(014), H(194)
Recipes : H(014) ring worm, H(194) cutaneous leishmaniasis, fresh bark of Agave americana is crushed smeared on the infected body
Region : East Africa
Country : Ethiopia, Eastern Zone of Tigray
Vernacular name : eka-trmo / eka-tlyan (Tigrigna)
Reference HM 76
Author(s) : Maroyi, A.
Title : Diversity of use and local knowledge of wild and cultivated plants in the Eastern Cape province, South Africa Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine,13:43 (2017)
Symptoms : H(151)
Recipes : H(151) high blood pressure, leaf sap, whole plant of Agave americana, RNS.
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa (Eastern Cape province)
Vernacular name : ikhamanga (isi Xhosa)
Reference HS 33a
Author(s) : Semenya, S.S , M. Potgieter M., Milingoni Tshisikhawe, Soul Shava, A. Maroyi
Title : Medicinal utilization of exotic plants by Bapedi traditional healers to treat human ailments in Limpopo province, South Africa Journal of Ethnopharmacology 144, 646–655 (2012)
Symptoms : H(151)
Recipes : H(151) hypertension, leaves of Agave americana boiled in water for 20 min and one tin cup of the extract is taken orally.Thrice a day
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa (Limpopo province)
Vernacular name : mobepi / kgopha-yapala/ nswareke-ya-robega (Pedi)
Reference HS 37
Author(s) : Semenya, S.S, M. J. Potgieter
Title : Bapedi traditional healers in the Limpopo Province, South Africa: their socio-cultural profile and traditional healing practice Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 2014, 10:4 doi:10.1186/1746-4269-10-4 + Additional file 1: 1550002148105490_add1.docx, 74K
Symptoms : H(151)
Recipes : H(151, 1) hypertension, leaves of Agave americana are Decoction for 25 minutes and one tin cup of extract is taken orally. Thrice a day
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa (Limpopo Province)
Vernacular name : mobepi
Reference HT 20
Author(s) : Terrac, M.-L.
Title : Contribution à l'étude des plantes médicinales de Madagascar, de la Réunion et de l'île Maurice. Thèse pour l'obtention du diplôme de Docteur de l'Université de Paris (Pharmacie), Novembre 1947. Imprimerie Vuibert, 6 rue Martel, Paris, 246 p., (1947)
Symptoms : H(006), H(007), H(045), H(100), H(116), H(125)
Recipes : H(006), H(007), H(116), juice roots and leaves, RNS.
H(007), H(045), H(100) syph., H(125), roots, RNS.
(registered from references HT 20 - 4, HT 20 - 8)
Region : Mauritius
Country : Mauritius
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference VB 17
Author(s) : Bekalo, I., M. Keengwe, E. Mathias, P. Mundy & al.
Title : ITDG and IIRR. Ethnoveterinary medicine in Kenya.A field manual of traditional animal health care practice.Intermediate Technology Development Group and International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, Nairobi, Kenya, 226 p., (1996)
Symptoms : V(004), V(035), V(105), V(124)
Recipes : Vb(004) +Vb(124), Vch(004) +Vch(124), Vc(004) +Vc(124), Vo(004) +Vo(124), fresh juice, 10 drops on wounds
Vb(035), leaves Agave americana, 1 / 2 kgr pil‚e + 1 l. H2O, decoction until evaporation of the liquid + Croton megalocarpus , barks, 1 / 2 kgr pounded + 1 l H2O, decoction until evaporation of the liquid , to mix, VO., 1 / 2 l. morning and evening (Embu)
Vv(105), Capsicum sp. 4 leaves + 2 spoons of soot + 1 / 2 glass H2O + Agave americana, pounded leaves, juice, 2 to 3 drops of this juice in the drink, 1X / day until cure (Embu)
Region : East Africa
Country : Kenya (Embu)
Vernacular name : kithunju (Embu)
Reference VL 14
Author(s) : Lans Cheryl , Tonya Khan
Title : Family poultry and Newcastle disease in Africa: the role of ethnoveterinary medicine. (1999) University of Victoria, Vancouver. Article on
Symptoms : V(105)
Recipes : Vv(105), leaves of Agave americana, crushed and mixed with drinking water.
Region : not communicated
Country : not communicated
Vernacular name : not communicated by the authors
Reference VW 01
Author(s) : Watt, J.M., Breyer-Brandwijk, M.G.
Title : The medicinal and poisonous plants of southern and eastern Africa.E. & S. Livingstone Ltd., Edinburg and London, Second edition, 1457 p., (1962) (partially from the references VM 18, HV 09, HC 26, HL 22, HS 32)
Symptoms : V(006)
Recipes : V(006, 2)ostrich, extract dry leaves, RNS.
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa (farmers of Koroo)
Vernacular name : not registered