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Official name : Albizia chevalieri Harms
Family : Fabaceae

3 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HB 68
Author(s) : Baggnian, I., Abdou, L, Yameogo, J. T, Moussa, I., Adam, T.
Title : Étude ethnobotanique des plantes médicinales vendues sur les marchés du centre ouest du Niger. Journal of Applied Biosciences 132: 13392- 13403 (2018)
Symptoms : H(201)
Recipes : H(201) protection against bad spells, whole plant of Albizia chevalieri in decoction VO.
Region : West Africa
Country : Niger (center west)
Vernacular name : kasari (Haoussa)
Reference VD 23
Author(s) : Dassou H. G., C. A. Ogni, H. Yedomonhan, A. C. Adomou, M. Tossou , J. T. Dougnon et A. Akoegninou
Title : Diversité, usages vétérinaires et vulnérabilité des plantes médicinales au Nord-Bénin Int. J. Biol. Chem. Sci. 8(1): 189-210, February (2014)
Symptoms : V(074)
Recipes : Vb(074, 2) bovine pasteurellosis, bark of Crossopteryx febrifuga + root of Albizia chevalieri, decoction, VO. 1 L / day until healing
Vb(074, 5) bovine pasteurellosis, roots of Albiza chevalieri and of Sarcocephalus latifolius + barks of Pseudocedrela kotschyi, of Khaya senescabiesnsis, of Bombax costatum and of Ficus sycomorus, decoction , VO.,1L adults and 1/2 L young, 1 time / day, for 3 days
Region : West Africa
Country : North-Benin
Vernacular name : sabi-samporo (Peuhl)
Reference VO 16
Author(s) : Ogni, C. A. , M. Kpodekon, J. Dougnon , H. Dassou, J. Enagnon Goussanou, C. Boko, B. Koutinhouin, I. Youssao, A. Akoegninou
Title : Dominant bacterial diseases in the extensive and semi-intensive animal breeding and their treatment method by ethnoveterinary medicine in Benin Journal of Applied Pharmaceutical Science Vol. 6 (04), pp. 150-158, (2016) Available online at DOI: 10.7324/JAPS.2016.60421
Symptoms : V(074)
Recipes : Vb(074, 4) bovine pasteurellosis, root of Albizia chevalieri + bark of Crossopteryx febrifuga, decoction, VO. 1L once a day, until recovery
Vb(074, 1) bovine pasteurellosis, root of Albizia chevalieri + root of Sarcocephalus latifolius + bark of Pseudocedrela kotschyi + bark of Khaya senegalensis + bark of Bombax costatum + bark of Ficus gnaphalocarpa + potash, decoction, VO. 1L (adult) et 1/2 L (young) once a day
Region : West Africa
Country : Benin
Vernacular name : not registered by the authors