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Official name : Dioscorea schimperiana Hochst. ex Kunth
Family : Dioscoreaceae

2 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HH 11
Author(s) : Haxaire Claudie (Pharmacienne)
Title : Phytothérapie et Médecine Familiale chez les Gbaya-Kara (République Centrafricaine) Thèse de doctorat, Université de Paris, Fac. Pharmacie., 320 p., (1979)
Symptoms : H(013)
Recipes : H(013) to mature the abscess, application of the fruit's pulp Solanum dasyphyllum scraped tuber Dioscorea schimperiana , crushed roots Boerhavia diffusa
Region : Central Africa
Country : Central African Republic
Vernacular name : Indicated by the author in phonetic note. not transposable
Reference VG 01
Author(s) : Gelfand, M., S. Mavi, R.B. Drummond & B. Ndemera
Title : The traditional medical practitioner in Zimbabwe. His principles of practice and pharmacopoeia. Mambo Press, Gweru, Zimbabwe, 411 p., (1985)
Symptoms : V(092), V(099)
Recipes : V(099, r) stong, ONS., RNS.
V(092, r), to immobilize (rare), infusion tubercle, VO.
Region : East Africa
Country : Zimbabwe
Vernacular name : not registered