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Official name : Teucrium africanum Thumb.
Family : Lamiaceae

4 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HS 19
Author(s) : Smith ,A.
Title : A Contribution to the South African materia medica, 2nd ed. Lovedale,South Africa. (1895.) From reference HV 51
Symptoms : H(020), H(091), H(103), H(118)
Recipes : H(020) hot infusion of herb of Teucrium africanum for snake bite
H(091) tonic, H(118) sore throat, herb, RNS.
H(103) leaf paste for toothache, local application
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa (Cape region )
Vernacular name : paddaklou(w), [katjiedrieblaar] (Cape Dutch language)
Reference HV 51
Author(s) : Van Wyk, B.-E.
Title : A review of Khoi-San and Cape Dutch medical ethnobotany. Journal of Ethnopharmacology , Volume 119, pp.331–341 (2008)
Symptoms : H(020), H(091), H(103), H(118)
Recipes : Herb of Teucrium africanum; H(091) tonic, H(118) sore throat; hot infusion for H(020) snake bite; leaf paste for H(103) toothache (South African plant with a wide distribution that is also traditionally used in the Sotho and Nguni cultures) from Smith (1895) reference to be found in HV 51_van Wyk
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa ((from Namaqualand to the Eastern Cape)
Vernacular name : paddaklou(w),[katjiedrieblaar] (Africaans)
Reference VD 17
Author(s) : Dold, A.P. & M.L. Cocks
Title : Traditional veterinary medicine in the Alice district of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. South African Journal of Science 97 , 375–379. (2001)
Symptoms : V(117), V(047), V(047), V(050)
Recipes : Vb(117) leaves are used in a remedy for gallsickness in cattle.
Vc(047), Vo(047) leaves are boiled for 20 minutes and given (200 ml in the morning) to goats and sheep to treat heartwater
Vc(050) leaf decoction is given (750 ml twice a day) to goats with bloat (uqunjelo).
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa (Alice district)
Vernacular name : ubuhlungu bebhokhwe
Reference VW 01
Author(s) : Watt, J.M., Breyer-Brandwijk, M.G.
Title : The medicinal and poisonous plants of southern and eastern Africa.E. & S. Livingstone Ltd., Edinburg and London, Second edition, 1457 p., (1962) (partially from the references VM 18, HV 09, HC 26, HL 22, HS 32)
Symptoms : V(117), V(117)
Recipes : Vb(041), Vc(041), Vb(117) , Vc(117) a leaf decoction used to treat anthrax and gallsickness in cattle and goats has been recorded in the Eastern Cape
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa (Eastern Cape.)
Vernacular name : not registered