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Official name : Triumfetta tomentosa Bojer
Family : Tiliaceae

2 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HK 60
Author(s) : Konda ku Mbuta, Kabakura Mwima, Mbembe Bitengeli, Itufa Y’okolo, Mahuku Kavuna, Mafuta Mandanga, Mpoyi, Kalambayi, Ndemankeni Izamajole, Kadima Kazembe, Kelela Booto, Ngiuvu Vasaki, Bongombola Mwabonsika, Dumu Lody & Paul Latham
Title : Plantes médicinales de traditions. Province de l'Equateur – R.D. Congo, Kinshasa 2012 (419 p.) Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé (I.R.S.S.) in Kinshasa. ISBN 9780955420856
Symptoms : H(028x), H(099), H(104), H(170)
Recipes : H(099) epilepsy, maceration of the root : VO. 1 glass per day
H(099) epilepsy, roots decoction : 2 doses (+/_ 1/4 liter) per day, VO.
H(170) ascites, chewing of la grated of the root with the amandes des noix of palme crus
H(028x) vaginal astringent , pressed juice of the leaves of Triumfetta tomentosa heat softened mixed with the stems of Costus lucanusianus, VO.
H(104) colic, maceration of the root : VO. 1 glass 3 times per day.
Region : Central Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (City of Gemena, of Karawa, of Ingende et of Bumba)
Vernacular name : ngunge (Ngwaka), monkonge (Lonkundo), ngwele ngwele (Ngombe), tshikolokoso (Tshiluba)
Reference HM 41
Author(s) : Mesfin, F., S. Demisse1, T. Teklehaymanot
Title : An ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants in Wonago Woreda, SNNPR, Ethiopia Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine , 5:28 doi:10.1186/1746-4269-5-28 (2009)
Symptoms : H(111)
Recipes : H(111) fire burn, mix the powder of Triumfetta tomentosa with a little bit of local ‘araqi’ and then apply the paste to wound
Region : East Africa
Country : Ethiopia (region of Wonago Woreda)
Vernacular name : kombocho (Gedeoffa)