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Official name : Schizozygia coffaeoides Baill.
Family : Apocynaceae

1 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HW 10
Author(s) : Weiss. E. A.
Title : Some indigenous plants used domestically by East african costal fishermen Economic Botany, 33, 1,. pp. 35-51, (1979)
Symptoms : H(014), H(092)
Recipes : H(014) skin disease, from roots and/or bark of Schizozygia coffaeoides, mix with oil.
H(092) poison, fruits are very dangerous
Region : East Africa (Costal regions)
Country : Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Vernacular name : mwango, mpelepele (Swahili), mkururu (Rufiji).