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Official name : Aframomum alboviolaceum (Ridl.) K. Schum.
Family : Zingiberaceae
Synonyms : Aframomum latifolium K. Schum.

13 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HA 56
Author(s) : Ambé, G.A
Title : Les fruits sauvages comestibles des savanes guinéennes de Côte-d’Ivoire : état de la connaissance par une population locale, les Malinké. Biotechnol. Agron. Soc. Environ. 5 (1), 43–58 (2001)
Symptoms : H(095)
Recipes : H(095) fleshy fruits of Aframomum alboviolaceum eaten raw
Region : West Africa
Country : Ivory Coast
Vernacular name : yéyan (Dioula)
Reference HC 52
Author(s) : Catarino, L. , P. J. Havik , M. M. Romeiras
Title : Medicinal plants of Guinea-Bissau: Therapeutic applications, ethnic diversity and knowledge transfer Journal of Ethnopharmacology 183, 71–94 (2016)
Symptoms : H(104), H(179)
Recipes : H(104) intestinal problems, H(179) diseases of the kidney, roots of Aframomum alboviolaceum, RNS.
H(095) food, ONS.,RNS
Region : West Africa
Country : Guinea-Bissau
Vernacular name : bussondjá (plant), mantchondjá (fruit) (Biafada), belencufa (Guinean creole), belencufô (Mandinga)
Reference HF 08
Author(s) : Frazão-Moreira, A
Title : The symbolic efficacy of medicinal plants:practices, knowledge, and religious beliefs amongst the Nalu healers of Guinea-Bissau Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 12:24 (2016)
Symptoms : H(104)
Recipes : H(104) stomach ache, decoction of root of Aframomum alboviolaceum, VO.
Region : West Africa
Country : Guinea-Bissau
Vernacular name : mabôbé
Reference HG 60
Author(s) : Göhre, Á., B. Toto-Nienguesse, M. Futuro, C. Neinhuis & T. Lautenschläge
Title : Plants from disturbed savannah vegetation and their usage by Bakongo tribes in Uíge, Northern Angola Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 12:42 (2016) DOI 10.1186/s13002-016-0116-9
Symptoms : H(018), H(051x), H(082), H(099)
Recipes : H(018) headache sap from chewed leaves of Aframomum alboviolaceum , applied to eyes
H(051x) yellow fever, crushed rhizome of Aframomum alboviolaceum, enema
H(082) respiratory disease, rhizome of Aframomum alboviolaceum with root of Annona senegalensis , RNS.
H(099) epilepsy, rhizome, leaves, decoction bath or enema
Region : West Africa
Country : northern Angola
Vernacular name : ginguenga da queimada (Portuguse), masunjá. mansassa, dimbomboa (Kikongo)
Reference HH 05
Author(s) : Hulstaert, G.
Title : -Notes de Botanique Mongo. Acad. Roy. des Sc. d'Outre- Mer, Classe des Sc. Nat. & Méd., N.S. XV-3, 212 p., (1966) + -Sur l'emploi des plantes médicinales chez les Mongo Revue de Recherche Scientifique. Spécial Medecine Traditionnelle au Zaïre + Various and scattered notes
Symptoms : H(095)
Recipes : H(095) Aframomum alboviolaceum, marsh species, fruit edible
Region : Central Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (ex. Zaïre) (Mongo people)
Vernacular name : imbmibólé (Bokuma)
Reference HK 60
Author(s) : Konda ku Mbuta, Kabakura Mwima, Mbembe Bitengeli, Itufa Y’okolo, Mahuku Kavuna, Mafuta Mandanga, Mpoyi, Kalambayi, Ndemankeni Izamajole, Kadima Kazembe, Kelela Booto, Ngiuvu Vasaki, Bongombola Mwabonsika, Dumu Lody & Paul Latham
Title : Plantes médicinales de traditions. Province de l'Equateur – R.D. Congo, Kinshasa 2012 (419 p.) Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé (I.R.S.S.) in Kinshasa. ISBN 9780955420856
Symptoms : H(094)
Recipes : H(094) piles, maceration of the root of Hymenocardia ulmoides associatedx seeds of fruit of Aframomum alboviolaceum : VO. ½ glass 2 times daily
Region : Central Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (Center of Bikoro, Bikoro (Loondo, Maringo), Ingende (Boombomua I), City of Gemena, of Bumba, Bwamanda (Bosempwanga), Town of Mbandaka)
Vernacular name : not communicated by the authors
Reference HK 91
Author(s) : Koné, W. M. , K. K. Atindehou, T.Dossahoua & B. Betschart
Title : Anthelmintic Activity of Medicinal Plants Used in Northern Côte d'Ivoire Against Intestinal Helminthiasis Pharmaceutical Biology, 43:1, 72-78, (2008)
Symptoms : H(000)
Recipes : H(000) women and infant cures, leaves of Aframomum alboviolaceum, RNS.
Region : West Africa
Country : Côte d'Ivoire (Ferkesse´dougou region)
Vernacular name : not registered by the authors
Reference HL 32
Author(s) : Lautenschläger, T., M. Monizi , M. Pedro, J. L. Mandombe, M. Futuro Bránquima, C. Heinze and C. Neinhuis
Title : First large-scale ethnobotanical survey in the province of Uíge, northern Angola Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 14:51 (2018)
Symptoms : H(006), H(015), H(033), H(036), H(051x), H(068), H(095), H(099), H(104), H(150), H(152), H(157), H(170), H(171), H(176), H(200)
Recipes : H(006) constipation roots decoction, enema
H(015) bloody urin, H(068) parsitic worms, H(104) stomach pains, H(200) antibiotic, roots maceration VO.
H(033), sterility (men and women) roots, decoction VO.
H(036) vertigo, stem decoction, face wash
H(051x) yellow fever, roots, RNS
H(095) nutrition, fruit, VO.
H(099) epilepsy, roots, stem, decoction, maceration, crudité, enema, bath
H(099) epilepsy leaves, percolation, eye drop
H(150), inflammation legs, roots + crudité, bath
H(152) low blood pressure roots, maceration VO.
H(157) convulsion leaves, stem sap, crudité, nose drops
H(170) hernia, roots, RNS., enema
H(171) diabetes roots decoction, hip bath
H(176) scoliosis, leaves, decoction, enema, bath, dermal, VO.
Region : West Africa
Country : Angola (province de Uíge)
Vernacular name : gingengue (Portuguese), mansasa, mansansa ma londe, manzunja, tundulu (Kikongo)
Reference HM 62
Author(s) : Makumbelo E. , L. Lukoki, J.J.s.j Paulus & N. Luyindula
Title : Stratégie de valorisation des espèces ressources des produits non ligneux de la savane des environs de Kinshasa: II. Enquête ethnobotanique (aspects médicinaux) TROPICULTURA, 26, 3, 129-134 (2008)
Symptoms : H(001), H(018), H(037), H(046), H(051), H(068), H(094), H(104)
Recipes : H(001, 3) difficulty of vision leaves of Aframomum alboviolaceum, maceration, local application
H(018, 9) headaches,H(037, 9) cough, H(051, 9) fever, leaves , maceration, local application et VO.
H(068, 7) stomach amibes, H(046, 7) measles, chicken pox, leaves , maceration, VO.
H(094, 15) hemorrhoids, leaves or fruit or roots, maceration, VO.
H(104), 2 stomach pain, maceration of fruits, VO
Region : West Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (Kinshasa)
Vernacular name : tondolo (Lingala)
Reference HN 60
Author(s) : Nzuki Bakwaye, F.
Title : Recherches ethnobotaniques sur les plantes médicinales dans la Région de Mbanza Ngungu, RDC Thèse de Doctorat (PhD), Faculté des Sciences en Bio-Ingénierie, Université de Gand, Belgique, p.349 (2016) ISBN: 978-90-5989-950-6
Symptoms : H(001), H(095), H(099), H(126)
Recipes : H(001) taie of l'œil, sève of stem of Aframomum alboviolaceum, RNS.
H(095) Aframomum alboviolaceum has food use
H(099) epilepsy, leaves, decoction, VO oculaire
H(126) hepatitis, underground part, maceration VO.
Region : West Africa
Country : Democratic Republic of the Congo (Mbanza Ngungu Region)
Vernacular name :
Reference HT 53
Author(s) : Terashima, H., M. Ichikawa
Title : A comparative ethnobotany of the Mbuti and Efe hunter-gatherers in Itury forest, Democratic Republic of Congo African Study Monographs, 24(1, 2): 1-168, (2003) *partially encoded*
Symptoms : H(219)
Recipes : H(219) The stems and leaves of Aframomum latifolium are used for construction materials, especially for thatching and laying on the floor of the hemispherical huts (Mbuti Pygmies in Ituri forest)
Region : Central Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (Itury forest)
Vernacular name : amesisiale (Mbuti Pygmies, Ituri forest)
Reference HU 02
Author(s) : Urso, V., M. A. Signorini, M. Tonini , P. Bruschi
Title : Wild medicinal and food plants used by communities living in Mopane woodlands of southern Angola: Results of an ethnobotanical field investigation Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 177, 126–139, (2016)
Symptoms : H(068), H(095)
Recipes : H(095) fresh fruit (food) of Aframomum alboviolaceum
H(068) anthelmintic fruits of Aframomum alboviolaceum , RNS
(Nombre total de citations pour Aframomum alboviolaceum = 03)
Region : West Africa
Country : southern Angola
Vernacular name : jinguenga, matundo, issambia,
Reference HY 05
Author(s) : Youmsi, R D. F., P.V. Tsouh Fokou , E. Z. Menkem , I Bakarnga-Via, R. Keumoe, V, Nana, F. Fekam Boyom
Title : Ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plants used as insects repellents in six malaria endemic localities of Cameroon Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 13:33 (2017) DOI 10.1186/s13002-017-0155-x
Symptoms : H(106)
Recipes : H(106, f) insects repellents, smash fresh leaves of Aframomum alboviolaceum Skin application
Region : Central Africa
Country : Cameroon
Vernacular name : ndjii (Baka)