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Official name : Allophylus lastoursvillensis Pellegr.
Family : Sapindaceae

2 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HK 60
Author(s) : Konda ku Mbuta, Kabakura Mwima, Mbembe Bitengeli, Itufa Y’okolo, Mahuku Kavuna, Mafuta Mandanga, Mpoyi, Kalambayi, Ndemankeni Izamajole, Kadima Kazembe, Kelela Booto, Ngiuvu Vasaki, Bongombola Mwabonsika, Dumu Lody & Paul Latham
Title : Plantes médicinales de traditions. Province de l'Equateur – R.D. Congo, Kinshasa 2012 (419 p.) Institut de Recherche en Sciences de la Santé (I.R.S.S.) in Kinshasa. ISBN 9780955420856
Symptoms : H(034), H(037), H(082), H(139), H(162)
Recipes : H(034) cardiovascular disorders, decoction of the root of Allophylus lastoursvillensis of Musang cecropioides and Cephaelis suaveolens, VO.
H(037) pulmonary disease, roots decoction as cooking liquid of Fuku (porridge made of manioc flour)
H(037) pulmonary disease, fresh leaves softened with heat, in friction
H(037) pulmonary disease, pressed juice of the leaves of Dioscorea preussii of Allophylus lastoursvillensis in friction thoracique
H(082) dyspnoea, decoction of leaves, VO. ½ glass 2 times daily.
H(082) dyspnoea, roots decoction, enema 1 dose (+/_ 1/4 liter) per day
H(139) sexual asthenia, tepid pilat of trunk bark of Allophylus lastoursvillensis associated with bark of the root of Barteria nigritana , poultice on the genital organ
H(139) sexual asthenia, cataplasm on the male genital organ of the pounded trunk bark of Barteria fistulosa and those of the root of Allophylus lastoursvillensis.
H(162) metabolic disorders of diuresis, decoction of the root of Psychotria peduncularis var. suaveolens of Musanga cecropioides and Allophylus lastoursvillensis : VO. 1 glass 2 times daily
Region : Central Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (Bwamanda (Bosempwanga), City of Bumba and suburbs., (Gemena (Mbari), Tandala (Bogbadono II, Town of Mbandaka, Gemena (Bokuda), Bwamanda (Bosempwanga), Libenge (Mawuya), City of Lokolela.))
Vernacular name : talekusi (Ngwaka), bebo (Topoke)
Reference HT 53
Author(s) : Terashima, H., M. Ichikawa
Title : A comparative ethnobotany of the Mbuti and Efe hunter-gatherers in Itury forest, Democratic Republic of Congo African Study Monographs, 24(1, 2): 1-168, (2003) *partially encoded*
Symptoms :
Recipes : Vv(000), Vv(095) The fruit of Allophylus lastoursvillensis is given to chickens so that they may grow bigger, and for curing chicken’s disease (Efe Pygmies in Ituri forest)
Region : Central Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (Itury forest)
Vernacular name : kuku (Efe Pygmies, Ituri forest)