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Official name : Aloe pirottae A.Berger
Family : Asphodelaceae

1 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HB 53
Author(s) : Belayneh, A. Asfaw, S. Demissew, N. F. Bussa
Title : Medicinal plants potential and use by pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in Erer Valley of Babile Wereda, Eastern Ethiopia Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, 8:42 ( 2012)
Symptoms : H(001), H(013), H(020), H(051), H(102), H(104), H(106)
Recipes : H(001, 48) eye disease, ointment jel of leaves
H(013, 48) tropical ulcer, leaves juice extract, local application
H(104) colon cleaner, sap, VO.
H(051, 48) paludism, concoction of leaves, VO.
H(020, 48) snake bite, fluid extract, VO.
H(102, 48) gallstone, fluid extract, VO.
H(106) insect repellent, smoking the area with dried leaves to stifle the insect
Region : East Africa
Country : Eastern Ethiopia) (Erer Valley of Babile Wereda)
Vernacular name : hargeysa (Oromo), gebedherta, de’ar (Somali)