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Official name : Alternanthera sessilis (L.) R. Br. ex DC.
Family : Amaranthaceae

7 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HC 32
Author(s) : Carrière, M.
Title : Plantes de Guinée à l' usage des éleveurs et des véterinaires Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement département d'élevage et de médecine vétérinaire. CIRAD-EMVT 10, rue Pierre-Curie 94704 Maisons-Alfort Cedex -France (2000)
Symptoms : H(095)
Recipes : H(095), leaves: eatables of Alternanthera sessilis and réputées nourrissantes. ( HB 99 Burkill 1985 ).
Region : West Africa
Country : Guinea Conakry
Vernacular name : missinikoumbré (Malinké), mého (Kissi)
Reference HD 38
Author(s) : Daruty, C. (Dr)
Title : Plantes Médicinales de l'Ile Maurice et des Pays Intertropicaux (p. 215) General Steam Printing Company, 6, rue du Gouvernement - Maurice (1886)
Symptoms : H(002), H(013)
Recipes : H(013) pruritus children, bain of Alternanthera sessilis (brèdes emballages)
H(116) amenorrhea, decoction of 7 leaves of Alternanthera sessilis (bigayon) with yellow membrane that holds inside the gizzard of a poultry, grind + sugar, VO 1 cup morning and evening
Alternanthera sessilis used for the treatment of : H(002) galactogenic, H(013) blisters small children
Region : Mauritius
Country : Mauritius
Vernacular name : brède emballage ou bigayon (Creole), pounankanny (Tamoul)
Reference HE 17
Author(s) : Erinoso S. M. & D. O. Aworinde
Title : Ethnobotanical survey of some medicinal plants used in traditional health care in Abeokuta areas of Ogun State, Nigeria African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology Vol. 6(18), pp. 1352-1362, 15 May, 2012
Symptoms : H(014)
Recipes : H(014) eczema, infusion of leaves of Alternanthera sessalis, extract applied to affected parts.
Region : West Africa
Country : Nigeria (Ogun state)
Vernacular name : sajeje
Reference HL 18
Author(s) : Lebbie, A. R., R. P. Guries
Title : Ethnobotanical value and conservation of sacred groves of the Kpaa Mende in Sierra Leone Economic Botany, 49 (3), pp. 297-308, (1995)
Symptoms : H(091)
Recipes : H(091) induce or increase male virility (erection), sun-dried leaves of Alchornea hirtella are pounded with those of Trichilia heudelotii, Harungana madagascarensis and Alternanthera sessilis, Alchornea hirtella and sieved. The powder is mixed with roasted and pounded seeds of. Sesamum indicum and salt. One teaspoon is put in a cup of tea or wine
Region : West Africa
Country : Sierra Leone (Moyamba District)
Vernacular name : ndata wuli (Kpaa Mende)
Reference HN 60
Author(s) : Nzuki Bakwaye, F.
Title : Recherches ethnobotaniques sur les plantes médicinales dans la Région de Mbanza Ngungu, RDC Thèse de Doctorat (PhD), Faculté des Sciences en Bio-Ingénierie, Université de Gand, Belgique, p.349 (2016) ISBN: 978-90-5989-950-6
Symptoms : H(095), H(103)
Recipes : H(103) tooth decay, leaves of Alternanthera sessilis whole organ / iin fragment of Alternanthera sessilis, application / friction
H(095) Alternanthera sessilis for food use
Region : West Africa
Country : Democratic Republic of the Congo (Mbanza Ngungu Region)
Vernacular name :
Reference HO 20
Author(s) : Olowokudejo J. D., A. B. Kadiri, V.A. Travih
Title : An Ethnobotanical Survey of Herbal Markets and Medicinal Plants in Lagos State of Nigeria Ethnobotanical Leaflets 12: 851-65. 2008.
Symptoms : H(013), H(018), H(020), H(088), H(093), H(200)
Recipes : H(013) boil, H(018) headache, H(020) snake bite, H(088) astringent, H(093)antidote, H(200)antibacterial, whole plant, leaves of Alternanthera sessilis, RNS. (Information obtained from herb sellers and traditional medicine practitioners from three popular and largest markets in Lagos)
Region : West Africa
Country : Nigeria (Local markets in Lagos state)
Vernacular name : reku-reku
Reference HO 28
Author(s) : Okoli, R.I. , O. Aigbe , J.O. Ohaju-Obodo & J.K. Mensah
Title : Medicinal Herbs Used for Managing Some Common Ailments among Esan People of Edo State, Nigeria Pakistan Journal of Nutrition 6 (5): 490-496, 2007
Symptoms : H(014)
Recipes : H(014) eczema, leaves of Alternanthera sessilis, Infusion is applied on affected parts
Region : West Africa
Country : Nigeria (Edo state)
Vernacular name : obiewe