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Official name : Dioscorea alata L.
Family : Dioscoreaceae

4 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HA 60
Author(s) : Amujoyegbe, O.O., M. Idu, J.M. Agbedahunsi, J.O. Erhabor
Title : Ethnomedicinal survey of medicinal plants used in the management of sickle cell disorder in Southern Nigeria Journal of Ethnopharmacology 185, 347–360 (2016)
Symptoms : H(091)
Recipes : H(091) sickle cell disorder, tuber of cultivated Dioscorea alata, RNS.
Region : West Africa
Country : Nigeria du sud
Vernacular name : jiabana, ewura (Local name), water yam , purple yam (Common name)
Reference HB 47
Author(s) : Bidendako, M.-J. & M. Kayugi
Title : Essai dre traitement de Pityriasis versicolor par des plantes médicinales du Burundi. Pharm. Méd. Trad. Afr., Vol. 9, pp. 56-59. (1997)
Symptoms : H(014)
Recipes : H(014) skin desease (Pityriasis versicolor), leaves of Dioscorea alata grounded, loca applcation with good results
Region : Central Africa
Country : Burundi
Vernacular name : not communicated by the authors
Reference HK 55
Author(s) : Koni Muluwa, J., K. Bostoen
Title : Noms et usages des plantes utiles chez les Nsong. Göteborg Africana Informal Series - N° 6 , 71p., (2008) Department of Oriental and African Languages. University of Gothenburg (ISSN 1404-8523)
Symptoms : H(095)
Recipes : H(095), tubercules VO.
Region : Central Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (Province of Bandundu)
Vernacular name : Indicated by the author in phonetic note. Not transposable
Reference HT 51
Author(s) : Tuasha N. , B. Petros, Z. Asfaw
Title : Medicinal plants used by traditional healers to treat malignancies and other human ailments in Dalle District, Sidama Zone, Ethiopia Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 14:15 , (2018)
Symptoms : H(068), H(171)
Recipes : H(068) fungal skin infections (baararre), the leaf of Dioscorea alata is rubbed gently and applied on the affected part of the skin
H(171) diabetes, the tuber is boiled and eaten for a certain amount of time
Region : East Africa
Country : Ethiopia (Dalle District)
Vernacular name : bohe (Sidamuafoo)