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Official name : Panicum turgidum Forssk.
Family : Poaceae

3 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference D1 Nord
Author(s) : Didi, O., M. Hadj-Mahammed., H. Zabeirou
Title : Place des plantes spontannées dans la médecine traditionnelle de la région de Ouargla (Sahara septentrional Est) Place of the spontaneous plants samples in the traditional pharmacopoeia of the area of Ouargla (Septentrional east Sahara) Courrier du Savoir – N°03,, pp. 47-51 (Janvier 2003)
Symptoms : H(004), H(045), H(189)
Recipes : H(004) injury, H(045) vulnerary, H(189) trauma, leaves, twigs of Panicum turgidum, infusion, tisane, powder, maceration
Region : North Africa
Country : Algeria (Septentrional east Sahara)
Vernacular name : not communicated by the authors
Reference G2 Nord
Author(s) : Gast, M.
Title : "Cueillette", in Gabriel Camps (dir.), 14 | Conseil – Danse, Aix-en-Provence, Edisud, Volume n° 14) , 1994. Mis en ligne le 01 mars 2012
Symptoms : H(095)
Recipes : H(095) The ears of Panicum turgidum are cut with a small sickle or with a knife. The ears put to dry in the sun are then beaten, the tiny seeds are then peeled with wood mortar, drained and boiled
Region : Sahara
Country : Sahara
Vernacular name : afezu (Arabic)
Reference HV 56
Author(s) : Volpato G. , P. Kourková, V. Zelený
Title : Healing war wounds and perfuming exile: the use of vegetal, animal, and mineral products for perfumes, cosmetics, and skin healing among Sahrawi refugees of Western Sahara Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine , 8:49 (2012)
Symptoms : H(004), H(012)
Recipes : H(004) head wounds,H(012)) bone fractures, roots of Panicum turgidum pounded, mixed with milk cream and applied topically for two days
H(004) wound cicatriser, applied in the ear to kill insects that entered there, aerial parts dried, triturated, a poultice is made with water
Region : Western Sahara
Country : Sahara
Vernacular name : mrokba, umm rekba (Hassaniya)