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Official name : Ataenidia conferta (Benth.) Milne-Redh.
Family : Marantaceae

2 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HH 19
Author(s) : Hattori, S.
Title : Utilization of marantaceae plants by the Baka hunter- gatherers in South Eastern Cameroon African Study Monographs, Suppl. 33: 29-48, (May 2006)
Symptoms : H(018), H(091), H(175x), H(201)
Recipes : H(018) headache, H(137) sore, burn the root of Ataenidia conferta and pound it, add palm oil and rub it onto the temple or for sore cut with a razor on the affected part of the body
H(091) fortifying, rub juice pressed from flowers on her knee in hope of walking in the forest for a long time
H(095) the leaves give the foods a good aroma
H(175x) cosmetic. Young Baka girls decorate their forehead and face with the red juice of boboko flower
H(201) rub juice pressed from flowers onto their axe blade as "medicine” for good luck when collecting honey
H(203) material, leaves of boboko are one of the most common materials for household utensils (roof thatching, mats, pot, cooking sheet, plate…. )
Region : Central Africa
Country : Cameroon
Vernacular name : boboko (Baka pygmy dialect)
Reference HT 53
Author(s) : Terashima, H., M. Ichikawa
Title : A comparative ethnobotany of the Mbuti and Efe hunter-gatherers in Itury forest, Democratic Republic of Congo African Study Monographs, 24(1, 2): 1-168, (2003) *partially encoded*
Symptoms : H(003), H(201), H(204), H(219y), H(240)
Recipes : H(203y) leaves of Ataenidia conferta are commonest material for wrapping things to keep, to carry,and to cook. Many kinds of food, e.g. game meat, fish, mushrooms, caterpillars, etc. are wrapped with them and put on a fire (All pymies of the Ituri forest)
H(204) The Efe are said that they wrapped a dead person’s body with the leaves.
H(240) The plant is used as a a medicine for palm-wine
H(201)The leaves are tied to ropes stretched around the fields to protect the crops (Efe Pygmies in Ituri forest)
H(219y) The stem with a tip of a leaf left on the end is used for fishing freshwater crabs. When a crab pinches the tip, it is pulled out from the water.(Efe Pygmies in Ituri forest)
H(003) The stem is used for "mbenda", a disease of the joints caused by some poisonous substances in the honey stored by the stingless bees. The stem is tied to the wrists, ankles and knees. Or a ring is made of the stem, in which the patient sits down up to recover (Mbuti Pygmies in Ituri forest)
Region : Central Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (Itury forest)
Vernacular name : gefe,ngefe ( Efe Pygmies, Ituri forest), gefe (Efe Pygmies, Ituri forest), bulu (Mbuti Pygmies, Ituri forest)