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Official name : Salsola vermiculata L.
Family : Chenopodiaceae

1 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference E4 Nord
Author(s) : El Hassani M., Douiri E. M., Bammi J., Zidane L., Badoc A., Douira A.
Title : Plantes médicinales de la Moyenne Moulouya (Nord-Est du Maroc) Ethnopharmacologia, n°50, juillet , 39-53 (2013) Bulletin de la société française d'ethnopharmacologie et de la société européenne d'ethnopharmacologie
Symptoms : H(034), H(068), H(104), H(152), H(200), H(202)
Recipes : H(034) cardiac arrhythmias, H(152) hypotensive, leaves of Salsola vermiculata decoction, RNS.
H(068) intestinal worms, H(104) gastritis and stomach pains, H(200) infections microbial, plant decoction, RNS.
H(202) hair care and against buttons, powdered leaves in olive oil , RNS.
Region : North Africa
Country : Morocco (Northeastern) (Intermediate Moulouya)
Vernacular name : jelle, l’ghassal (Arabic), chrira, tassra (Berber)