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Official name : Rumex maderensis Lowe
Family : Polygonaceae

1 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HL 29
Author(s) : Lestrade, A
Title : La médecine indigène au Ruanda et Lexique des termes médicaux français - urunyarwanda Mémoire présenté à la séance du 20 décembre 1954. de l'Académie Royale des Sciences Coloniales de Belgique
Symptoms : H(100), H(158)
Recipes : H(100) gonorrhea (imitezi ), : use the Rumex maderensis (umufumbageshi). Take a large root and grind in a mortar, add to juice a bit of millet flour and prepare a light porridge to drink hot.
H(100) gonorrhea (imitezi), cook at berry of (?) umurembe ou (?) karemba, with leaves of (?) umususa ; emploie du liquide chaud pour lavage des parties contaminées, using a torch section from a hollow rod nettle. Can be replaced this liquid by a decoction of (?) ubushohêra and of Blumea sp. (idôma) also in washing
H(158) metrorrhagia, Cook leaves and peels of (?) umusarenda with reddish roots of Rumex maderensis (umufumbageshi).; add cow's bloode, to swallow this mixture by the woman and place it as compress to the vulva. The patient will spend two days in bed and then administer the juice of crushed leaves of Cucumis sp. (umushishiro)
Region : Central Africa
Country : Rwanda
Vernacular name : umufumbageshi (Kinyarwanda)