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  • Projet 260/Zaïre - Développement global à Idiofa.
    Year: 1978
    Author: J E
  • "Congo-Kinshasa", in Encyclopedia Universalis (?).
    Author: J. G.-L. ; B. V.
  • Towards a more market oriented approach to credit and savings for the poor.
    Year: 1991
    Author: JACKELEN Henry R. ; RHYNE Elisabeth
  • The present situation of the Angolan Economy (Résumé d'une étude commandée par la SONANGOL).
    Year: 1987
    Author: JACKSON Denise P.
  • De la presse audio-visuelle et de son impact sur le développement de la société. Une analyse sociologique sur la presse audio-visuelle au Katanga.
    Year: 1994
    Author: Jackson MPANDA KASONGO
  • 'Criminalised' economies of rumour and war in the Kivus, D. R. Congo.
    Year: 2000
    Author: JACKSON Stephen
  • Making a Killing & Coping in the Kivu War Economy.
    Year: 2002
    Author: JACKSON Stephen
  • "Fortunes of war: the coltan trade in the Kivus", chap. 2, in : Sarah Collinson, "Power, livelihoods and conflict: case studies in political economy analysis for humanitarian action".
    Year: 2003
    Author: JACKSON Stephen
  • Regional conflict formation and the "Bantu/Nilotic" mythologie in the Great Lakes.
    Author: JACKSON Stephen
  • Sons of witch soil? The language and politics of autochtony in Eastern DR Congo.
    Year: 2006
    Author: JACKSON Stephen