Garin Cael

Biologische collectie- en databeheer


Central African Biodiversity Information Network

CABIN aims to: -improve the access of biodiversity researchers from Central Africa to biodiversity information made available on-line at global level by scientific networks such as GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility) and TDWG (Taxonomic Database Working Group). -ease the setting up of projects related to the digitisation and on-line publishing of collection and observation data at regional level in Central Africa. -help researcher from Central Africa to integrate international networks for the exchange of biodiversity data (by installing the technical infrastructure needed to publish biodiversity data on the Internet and organising training schemes on collection digitisation for researchers, natural science collection managers and IT technicians). CABIN promotes the use of Open-Source software and data formats.


  • Patricia Mergen
  • Franck Theeten
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    2008 2012

    Externe partners:

    CEDESURK (Centre de Documentation de l'Enseignement Supérieur Universitaire et de la Recherche de Kinshasa)
    CUD (Marcel Rémon)
    VLIR-UOS (Wim van Petegem)
    GBIF (Alberto Gonzalez-Talavan)