Massimiliano Virgilio



Redefining DISpersal potential for adequate fruit fly PEST management

DISPEST, "Redefining DISpersal potential for adequate fruit fly PEST management", is a five-year project financed by the multiannual programme 2019 – 2023 of the RMCA-DGD (Royal Museum for Central Africa - Directorate-general Development Cooperation) framework agreement. DISPEST, aims at providing relevant information for the development of specific control strategies of two important African agricultural pests, Ceratitis rosa and C. quilicii (Diptera, Tephritidae). We aim at collecting novel distribution, host preference and population genomic data and, using an innovative approach, at modelling their intraspecific patterns of connectivity and invasion routes. Through this project we will indicate areas suitable as Pest Free Areas (PFAs) and Areas of Low Pest Prevalence (ALPP) and we will provide training to National Plant Protection Organisation officers so to increase capacity of early detection and monitoring of these widespread pests. Awareness on pest identification and control will also be raised involving farmers and growers associations. A MSc and a PhD student will strengthen the research capacity of the local partners and will further enhance their expertise on tephritid agricultural pests.


  • Massimiliano Virgilio
  • Datum:

    2019 2023

    Externe partners:

    Stellenbosch University, Department of Conservation Ecology and Entomology, Stellenbosch, South Africa
    Citrus Research International, Nelspruit, South Africa
    Eduardo Mondlane University (EMU), Faculty of Agronomy and Forest Engineering - Maputo, Mozambique