We study the biodiversity of tropical African vertebrates.

We focus on fresh and brackish water fishes:

  • systematics (taxonomy, phylogeny, biogeography)
  • ecology
  • evolutionary history.

We mainly use morphometrics, and osteological and molecular techniques.

In this way, we try to get a better insight into the diversity of fishes in Africa and, as such, also contribute to its conservation and sustainable fisheries and aquaculture.

We are also involved in ornitological, mammological and herpetological research. More specifically, studies are being undertaken on brain structures in mammals (mainly primates), and the taxonomy and distribution of snakes.


Scientific personnel

Technical and administrative staff

FishBase and workshops


The Museum is a founding member of the FishBase consortium that curates the largest fish database in the world. We are responsible for the information on African fresh and brackish water species.

FishBase for Africa includes all available FishBase data on African fresh and brackish water fishes.

‘FishBase and fish taxonomy’ workshops

Each year, we organize a 3-month training course for 5 African researchers on fish taxonomy and the use of FishBase.

> Learn more about the ‘FishBase and fish taxonomy’ workshops 

Scientific tools