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Official name : Argemone mexicana L.
Family : Papaveraceae

39 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HA 03
Author(s) : Adjanohoun, E., V. Adjakidje, M.R.A. Ahyi, L. Ake Assi, A. Akoegninou, J. d'Almeida, F. Apovo, K. Boukef, M. Chadare, G. Gusset, K. Dramane, J. Eyme, J. - N. Gassita, N. Gbaguidi, E. Goudote, S. Guinko, P. Houngnon, Issa Lo, A. Keita, H. V. Kiniffo, D. Kone - Bamba, A. Musampa Nseyya, M. Saadou, Th. Sodogandji, S. de Souza, A. Tchabi, C. Zinsou Dossa, TH. Zohoun
Title : Contribution aux études ethnobotaniques et floristiques en République populaire du Bénin. Agence de coopération culturelle et technique, (A.C.C.T.), Paris, 895 p., (1989) From the data bank PHARMEL 2 (ref. HP 10)
Symptoms : H(001), H(006), H(013), H(043), H(104), H(126), H(157)
Recipes : H(001), something in eye, seeds of Argemone mexicana, powder in eye
H(006) + H(104), gastro-enteritis…, leaves of Argemone mexicana, to dilute, to macerate, VO.
H(013) , skin eruption, leaves of Argemone mexicana of Crateva religiosa, RNS.
H(043) tetanos, leaves of Argemone mexicana, seeds of Garcinia kola, stems with leaves of Rauvolfia vomitora
H(104), leaves of Argemone mexicana of Crateva religiosa, RNS.
H(126), stems with leaves of Argemone., RNS.
H(126), whole plant of Argemone., RNS.
H(126), aerian part of Argemone mexicana, seeds of Zea mays, RNS.
H(126), leaves of Argemone mexicana of Citrus aurantifolia, RNS.
H(126), whole plant of Blighia sapida of Argemone mexicana, RNS.
H(157), stems with leaves of Argemone mexicana, Entada mexicana, Momordica balsamina, Gossypium hirsutum, Colocynthis citrullus, RNS.
H(157), ONS. of Argemone mexicana, seeds teguments of Colocynthis citrullus, RNS.
H(157), ONS. of Argemone mexicana, stems with leaves of Gossypium hirsutum, RNS.
Region : West Africa
Country : Benin
Vernacular name : timtonyakourou (Bariba), débio (Fon, Goun)
Reference HA 10
Author(s) : Adjanohoun, E., L. Ake Assi
Title : Contribution au recensement des plantes médicinales de Côte d'Ivoire. Centre Nat. Florist. Univ. Abidjan, 358 p., (1979)
Symptoms : H(045), H(053), H(126)
Recipes : H(045) cicatrizing, juice of leaves of argemone., local application sur woundavec complications (panser)
H(053) otitis, leaves of Argemone mexicana softened by the heat of fire, to grind, juice, drops in ears
H(126), decoction (H2O) of leaves of Argemone, VO.
Region : West Africa
Country : Ivory Coast
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HA 11
Author(s) : Adjanohoun, E., M.R.A. Ahyi, J.J. Floret , S. Guinko, M. Koumaré, A. M. R. Ahyi, J. Raynal
Title : Contribution aux études ethnobotaniques et floristiques au Mali. Agence de coopération culturelle et technique, (A.C.C.T.), Paris, 291 p., (1981) From the data bank PHARMEL 2 (ref. HP 10)
Symptoms : H(126), H(135)
Recipes : H(126), H(135), roots, leaves of Argemone mexicana, decoction (H2O) , VO. (toxic)
Region : West Africa
Country : Mali
Vernacular name : bozobo (Bambara), simsimji (Peuhl)
Reference HA 1k
Author(s) : Ainslie, J.R.
Title : A list of plants used in native medicine in Nigeria. Imperial Forestry Institute.University of Oxford, Institute Paper, n° 7, (1937)
Symptoms : H(008), H(018), H(056), H(055), H(210)
Recipes : H(055), ONS., big dosis, emetic RNS.
H(008), seed oil laxative, RNS.
H(018), lotion , ONS., RNS.
H(056) Guinea worm, roots ground and onion on guinea-worm
H(210), seeds, narcotic, cathartic, small dosis
Region : West Africa
Country : Nigeria
Vernacular name : akunakun (Yoruba)
Reference HA 20
Author(s) : Adjanohoun et al.
Title : Contribution to ethnobotanical and floristic studies in Uganda. O.U.A./C.S.T.R., Lagos (1993) From the data bank PHARMEL 2 (ref. HP 10)
Symptoms : H(201)
Recipes : H(201) depressive psychosis, seeds of Argemone mexicana, to dry, powder, to dilute, VO.
H(201) depressive psychosis, leaves of Chenopodium ambrosioides of Argemone mexxicana of Brillantaisia kirungae of Hyptis pectinata of Brillantaisia mahonii, powders, decoction (H2O) , inhalation
Region : East Africa
Country : Uganda
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HB 02
Author(s) : Boiteau, P.
Title : Médecine traditionnelle et pharmacopée.Précis de matière médicale malgache. Agence de coopération culturelle et technique, (A.C.C.T.), Paris 141 p., (1986) From the data bank PHARMEL 2 (ref. HP 10)
Symptoms : H(037), H(092), H(137)
Recipes : H(037) hemoptysia, leaves of Ochrocarpus orthocladus of Argemone mexicana of Urera oligolaba, barks stem, branch, trunk of Trema orientalis, whole plant of Euphorbia hirta of Dichrocephala lyrata, decoction (H2O) , VO.
H(137), H(092), ONS. of Argemone mexicana, RNS ( toxic)
Region : Madagascar
Country : Madagascar
Vernacular name : fantsimboay
Reference HB 04
Author(s) : Bouquet, A. & M. Debray
Title : Plantes médicinales de la Côte d'Ivoire. Travaux et Documents de l'O.R.S.T.O.M., Paris, n° 32, 232 p., (1974)
Symptoms : H(053), H(077), H(100), H(104), H(126)
Recipes : H(053) otitis , H(077), H(100), H(104), H(126), ONS. of Argemone mexicana, RNS.
Region : West Africa
Country : Ivory Coast
Vernacular name : mandé, ouinigbè, wenigbé (Malinke)
Reference HB 11
Author(s) : Belem Ouedraogo, M. & O. Bognounou
Title : Vernonia amygdalina Del. et Vernonia colorata (Willd.) Drake (Asteraceae), deux plantes médicinales souvent confondues au Burkina Faso. Rev. Méd. Pharm. Afr., Vol. 11 - 12, 119 - 125, (1997 - 1998)
Symptoms : H(037)
Recipes : H(037) pneumonia, leaves decoction (H2O) , RNS.+ idem Vernonia colorata
Region : West Africa
Country : Burkina Faso
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HB 25M
Author(s) : Bossard, E.
Title : La médecine traditionnelle au centre et à l'ouest de l'Angola. Ministério da ciênciae da tecnologia. Instituto de investigaçâo cientifica tropical. Lisboa - p. 531 (1996) (ISBN : 972-672-858-4)
Symptoms : H(006), H(055)
Recipes : H(006), H(055) emetic, oil of seeds of Argemone mexicana, RNS.
Region : West Africa
Country : Angola (regions of Luanda, Maianga and the rest of the country)
Vernacular name : papoula (Kimbundu), papoula-do-México (Portuguese)
Reference HB 33
Author(s) : Bhat, R.B., E.O. Etejere, V.T. Oladipo
Title : Ethnobotanical studies fron central Nigeria. Economic Botany, 44 (3), pp. 382-390, (1990)
Symptoms : H(103), H(126)
Recipes : Harvest mature twigs and seeds of Argemone mexicana at any time of day
H(103, f) for teething in infants.The seeds are cooked in water and the concentrate given to infants beginning from the age of 8 days; this helps children overcome problems associated with teething.
H(126, f) jaundice, a handful of the leaves and a pinch of potash are cooked in water or sun-dried and ground to powder; the mixture or powder is taken orally
Region : West Africa
Country : Central Nigeria (Kwara state)
Vernacular name : egun-arigbo (Yoruba), kwarko (Hausa)
Reference HB 48
Author(s) : Bussmann Rainer, W., P.Swartzinsky, W. Aserat & P.Evangelista
Title : Plant use in Odo-Bulu and Demaro, Bale Region, Ethiopia. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine , 7:28 (2011)
Symptoms : V(095)
Recipes : Véq(095) plant of Argemone mexicana eaten by donkeys.
Region : East Africa
Country : Ethiopia (Odo-Bulu and Demaro, Bale Mountains Region)
Vernacular name : korehare
Reference HC 31
Author(s) : Chekole, G., Z. Asfaw, E. Kelbessa
Title : Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants in the environs of Tara-gedam and Amba remnant forests of Libo Kemkem District, northwest Ethiopia Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, 11:4 (2015)
Symptoms : V(070)
Recipes : V(070) rage, racines fraîches de Argemone mexicana, écraser, then give with water
Region : East Africa
Country : Northwest Ethiopia
Vernacular name : yahya eshoh (Amharic)
Reference HC 52
Author(s) : Catarino, L. , P. J. Havik , M. M. Romeiras
Title : Medicinal plants of Guinea-Bissau: Therapeutic applications, ethnic diversity and knowledge transfer Journal of Ethnopharmacology 183, 71–94 (2016)
Symptoms : H(104)
Recipes : H(104) intestinal problems, leaves of Argemone mexicana, RNS.
Region : West Africa
Country : Guinea-Bissau
Vernacular name : tilinha-felêndje (Fula), bucóli (Pepel)
Reference HD 27
Author(s) : Dold, A.P. & M.L. Cocks
Title : The medicinal use of some weeds, problem and alien plants in the Grahamstown and Peddie districts of the Eastern Cape, South Africa South African Journal of Science 96 , 467– 473. (2000)
Symptoms : H(179)
Recipes : H(179) kidney pain ( (isinqa), enema from fresh roots decoction of Argemone mexicana and Rubus pinnatus. The decoction must be used immediately onlt by diviners.
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa (Grahamstowm & Peddie districts)
Vernacular name : ikhakhakhakha
Reference HG 20
Author(s) : Gurib-Fakim, Ameenah, Joseph Guého
Title : Plantes médicinales de l'île Rodrigues Stanley, Rose-Hill. Editions de l'océan indien - Université de Maurice (Réduit) , 580 p. (1994) (ISBN 99903-0-171-9)
Symptoms : H(004), H(038), H(095), H(100)
Recipes : H(004) wound, decoction of the plant of Argemone mexicana, to wash
H(038) urinary infection, H(100) hot pis, decoction of leaves of Caesalpinia bonduc of roots of Lantania verschaffeltii of stems of Argemone mexicana, VO.
H(095) refreshing drink, decoction of the plant of Argemone mexicana
Region : Mauritius
Country : Rodrigues Island
Vernacular name : chardon
Reference HH 18
Author(s) : Hassan-Abdallah, A., A. Merito, S. Hassan, D. Aboubaker, M. Djama, Z. Asfaw, E. Kelbessa
Title : Medicinal plants andt heir uses by the people in the Region of Randa, Djibouti Journal of Ethnopharmacology 148 701–713, (2013)
Symptoms : H(004)
Recipes : H(004) wounds, leaves paste of Argemone mexicana , local application
Region : East Africa
Country : Djibouti (Region of Randa)
Vernacular name : bangi (Geez ?)
Reference HI 12
Author(s) : Iyamah P.C., M. Idu
Title : Ethnomedicinal survey of plantsused in the treatment of malaria in Southern Nigeria Journal of Ethnopharmacology 173, 287–302, (2015)
Symptoms : H(051)
Recipes : H(051, 1) paludism, leaves of Argermone mexicana, Decoction
Region : West Africa
Country : Southern Nigeria
Vernacular name : mafowokon (Yoruba), mexican poppy, prickly poppy (English)
Reference HK 01
Author(s) : Kerharo, J. & J. G. Adam
Title : La pharmacopée sénégalaise traditionnelle. Plantes médicinales et toxiques. Editions Vigot Frères, Paris, 1011 p., (1974)
Symptoms : H(005), H(014), H(038), H(045), H(099), H(102), H(104), H(113), H(126)
Recipes : H(005), legs oedema, leaves of Argemone mexicana, decoction (H2O) , RNS.
H(014) + H(045), latex of Argemone., local application
H(038), H(102), H(126), roots of Argemone, maceration, VO.
H(104) + H(099), leaves of Argemone., decoction (H2O) , VO.
H(113) myalgia, leaves of Argemone., decoction (H2O) , to wash
Region : West Africa
Country : Senegal
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HK 13
Author(s) : Kokwaro, J.O.
Title : Medicinal plants of East Africa. East african literature bureau, Kampala, Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam, 368 p., (1976)
Symptoms : H(139)
Recipes : H(139), pounded seeds, powder + beer, !!! toxic
Region : East Africa
Country : East Africa
Vernacular name : not communicated by the author
Reference HK 22
Author(s) : Kerharo, J. & A. Bouquet
Title : Plantes médicinales et toxiques de la Côte-d'Ivoire - Haute-Volta.Mission d'étude de la pharmacopée indigène en A.O.F. Editions Vigot Frères, Paris, 300 p., (1950)
Symptoms : H(037), H(053), H(077), H(100), H(103), H(104), H(126)
Recipes : H(037) pneumonia, Argemone mexicana, Vernonia colorata , leaves, decoction (H2O) + bath
H(053), latex, ears, instillation
H(077), whole plant, decoction (H2O) , VO.
H(100) syph., ONS., RNS.
H(100) blen., ONS., RNS.
H(104), fresh roots, 2 pieces, pulp + H2O, VO.
H(126), whole plant, decoction (H2O) , VO. + enema
Region : West Africa
Country : Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso
Vernacular name : mérékagnien (Tagouana), souroukou taba (tabac de lion), bara, baragoué (Dioula), blatoumé (Gouro), yra (Abron)