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Official name : Celtis adolfi-friderici Engl.
Family : Ulmaceae

1 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HT 53
Author(s) : Terashima, H., M. Ichikawa
Title : A comparative ethnobotany of the Mbuti and Efe hunter-gatherers in Itury forest, Democratic Republic of Congo African Study Monographs, 24(1, 2): 1-168, (2003) *partially encoded*
Symptoms : H(093), H(095)
Recipes : H(093) A bark-decoction of Celtis adolphi-friderici is taken as an emetic to remove the poison brought into human body by sorcery
H(199) Powdered dried bark is blown into the nostrils of children to protect them from "eke" (Very high fever, strong convulsions, and loss of consciousness.) particularly for the "eke" caused by "bululu" (the Abyssinian black-and-white colobus)
H(095) Edible caterpillars called "ati" feeds on the leaves
V(095) The Abyssinian black-and-white colobus (Colobus abyssinicus) like the fruits (Efe Pygmies in Ituri forest),
H(095) The seeds are eaten (Mbuti Pygmies in the Ituri forest)
Region : Central Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (Itury forest)
Vernacular name : arubese (Efe Pygmies, Ituri forest), kene (Mbuti Pygmies, Ituri forest)