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Official name : Commiphora habessinica (O. Berg) Engl.
Family : Burseraceae

2 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference VB 17
Author(s) : Bekalo, I., M. Keengwe, E. Mathias, P. Mundy & al.
Title : ITDG and IIRR. Ethnoveterinary medicine in Kenya.A field manual of traditional animal health care practice.Intermediate Technology Development Group and International Institute of Rural Reconstruction, Nairobi, Kenya, 226 p., (1996)
Symptoms : V(008)
Recipes : Vb(008), stem's barks, 4 X 15 cm + H2O, maceration, H2O becomes red, VO., no other drink
Region : East Africa
Country : Kenya (Masai)
Vernacular name : oloilupai (Masai)
Reference VG 25
Author(s) : Gradé, J.T., J. R.S. Tabuti, P.Van Damme
Title : Ethnoveterinary knowledge in pastoral Karamoja, Uganda Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 122, pp. 273–293 (2009)
Symptoms : V(001), V(014)
Recipes : Vb(001) eyes (painful red) (aribo akongu), powder from exudate of Commiphora habessinica, local application (receipt from the Bokora and Pian tribes)
Vb(014) mange (emitina), powder from exudate, local application (receipt from the Bokora and Pian tribes)
Region : East Africa
Country : Uganda (Karamoja of northern Uganda)
Vernacular name : ekadeli (Ngakarimojong)