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Official name : Cucurbita pepo L.
Family : Cucurbitaceae

56 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference B5 Nord
Author(s) : Boulos, L.
Title : Medicinal plants of North Africa. Reference Publications, Inc., 218 St. Clair River Drive, Box 344, Algonac, Michigan 48001, 286p. , (1983)
Symptoms : H(006), H(068), H(078)
Recipes : Embryo of the seed contains an isoprenoid compound which bas remarkable antihelminthoid properties, capable of arresting cell division at metaphase and can be used to combat H(078) cancer in cases of hypertrophy of the prostate gland
Seeds H(068) anthelmintic; fresh peeled seeds H(068) vermifuge in association with a purgative
Region : North Africa
Country : Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocoo, Tunisia
Vernacular name : qar’a; qrei’a; qar’a maghrabi, qar’a rumi ; qar’a hamra, lehshash, lekshash; kabouia, kouaba, djirouad (Arabic), kabéoualen, sagadon (Berber), pumpkin, gourd. (English), citrouille; potiron; giraumon; courgette (local French)
Reference B6 Nord
Author(s) : Bellakhdar, J.
Title : La pharmacopée marocaine traditionnelle: Médecine arabe ancienne et savoirs populaires. Ibis Press, 764 p. (1997)
Symptoms : H(068)
Recipes : H(068) tinea, 1cup bof seeds, decorticated and pounded, VO. + diet during 1 day + purgative (Maroc)
H(124) + H(175), slices, dried, compres on a small trepanning (South Moroco)
Region : North Africa
Country : Moroco
Vernacular name : gar'a, ger'a hamra, gar'a tawila, gri'a (Moroco), lehsâs, tahsayt, âhsay, lehsâs, leksâs (Berber), courge, courgette, citrouille, giraumon (local French)
Reference B7 Nord
Author(s) : Bellakhdar, J., R. Claisse, J. Fleurentin & C. Younos
Title : Repertory of standard herbal drugs in the Moroccan pharmacopoea Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 35, pp. 123 - 143 (1991)
Symptoms : H(082), H(104)
Recipes : H(082) asthma, H(104) intestinal disorders, seeds of Cucurbita pepo, RNS., (plant cultivated)
Region : North Africa
Country : Moroco
Vernacular name : zerrî'at l-ger'a
Reference E1 Nord
Author(s) : El-Hilaly Jaouad. , Mohamed Hmammouchi & Badiâa Lyoussi
Title : Ethnobotanical studies and economic evaluation of medicinal plants in Taounate province (Northern Morocco). Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 86, pp. 149-158 (2003)
Symptoms : H(068)
Recipes : H(007), H(068) anthelmintic, diuretic, raw seeds, VO.
Region : North Africa
Country : Moroco (Tatouane province)
Vernacular name : grac l-hamra
Reference HA 07
Author(s) : Adjanohoun, E., V. Adjakidje, M.R.A. Ahyi, K. Akpagana, P. Chibon, A. El - Hadji, J. Eyme, M. Garba, , J. - N. Gassita, M. Gbeassor, E. Goudote, S. Guinko, K. - K. Hodouto, P. Houngnon, A. Keita, Y. Keoula, W. P. Kluga - Ocloo, I. Lo, K. M. Siamevi, K. K. Taffame
Title : Contribution aux études ethnobotaniques et floristiques au Togo. Agence de coopération culturelle et technique, (A.C.C.T.), Paris, 671 p., (1986) From the data bank PHARMEL 2 (ref. HP 10)
Symptoms : H(068)
Recipes : H(068) little worms, leaves of Phyllanthus amarus, ONS. of Cucurbita pepo, to dilute (H2O), VO. + sauce
Region : West Africa
Country : Togo
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HA 19
Author(s) : Andriamanga, N.
Title : Les plantes médicinales anthelmintiques Malagasy. Département de recherches zootechniques et vétérinaires, Cotonou, 48p., (1995)
Symptoms : H(068)
Recipes : H(068), grill seeds, tenia, RNS
Region : Madagascar
Country : Madagascar
Vernacular name : tsirebika, voatavomamy
Reference HA 63
Author(s) : Abera B.
Title : Medicinal plants used in traditional medicine by Oromo people, Ghimbi District, Southwest Ethiopia Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine,10:40 (2014)
Symptoms : H(100)
Recipes : H(100) gonorrhea, seed powder of Cucurbita pepo is mixed with water and filtered, VO.
Region : East Africa
Country : Southwest Ethiopia
Vernacular name : buqqee (Oromo)
Reference HB 05
Author(s) : Bouquet, A.
Title : Féticheurs et médecines traditionnelles du Congo (Brazzaville). Mém. O.R.S.T.O.M., 36, 282 p., (1969)
Symptoms : H(022), H(068)
Recipes : H(022), H(068), seeds lightly roasted of Cucurbita pepo, to carbonize, to pound, VO.
Region : West Africa
Country : Congo (Popular republic) (Brazzaville) (ex Brazaville Congo)
Vernacular name : ntsuudya (Laadi), ntite (Tié)
Reference HB 25M
Author(s) : Bossard, E.
Title : La médecine traditionnelle au centre et à l'ouest de l'Angola. Ministério da ciênciae da tecnologia. Instituto de investigaçâo cientifica tropical. Lisboa - p. 531 (1996) (ISBN : 972-672-858-4)
Symptoms : H(126)
Recipes : H(126) icterus, ONS. of mutu (Cucurbita pepo) of ndembe (Myrothamnus flabellifolius), RNS
Region : West Africa
Country : Angola (all regions of Angola)
Vernacular name : (oka) mutu (Umbundu)
Reference HB 37M
Author(s) : Bossard, E.
Title : Quelques notes sur l'alimentation et les apports nutritionnels occultes en Angola. Garcia de Orta, Sér. Bot., Lisboa, 13 (1), 7 - 41 (1996)
Symptoms : H(095)
Recipes : H(095) occasional food complement, fruit of Cucurbita pepo L.
Region : West Africa
Country : Angola (regions of Planalto and littoral))
Vernacular name : (li)hangwa (Kimbundu), abobora-porqueira (Portuguese)
Reference HB 6k
Author(s) : Barnish, G. & S.K. Samai
Title : Some medicinal plant recipes of the Mende, Sierra Leone. Medical research council laboratory P.O.Box 81, Bo, Sierra Leone , 96 p., January l992 DVV sponsored, SLADEA PublicationKew 633.88 (10.2)
Symptoms : H(111)
Recipes : H(111), young leaves crushed and the juice dropped on the burn.
Region : West Africa
Country : Sierra Leone
Vernacular name : towa
Reference HC 13a
Author(s) : Chabra, S.C., R.L.A. Mahunnah & E.N. Mshiu
Title : Plants used in traditional medicine in Eastern Tanzania.I. Pteridophytes and Angiosperms (Acanthaceae to Canellaceae). Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 21, pp. 253 - 277, (1987)
Symptoms : H(101)
Recipes : H(101) memoragia, leaves of Thunbergia alata + Cucurbita pepo, cooked, VO.
Region : East Africa
Country : Tanzania (East)
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HC 31
Author(s) : Chekole, G., Z. Asfaw, E. Kelbessa
Title : Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants in the environs of Tara-gedam and Amba remnant forests of Libo Kemkem District, northwest Ethiopia Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, 11:4 (2015)
Symptoms : H(030), H(033), H(104), H(178)
Recipes : H(030) expel placenta, H(178) heart, H(104) gastritis problem, fresh fruit of Cucurbita pepo, chop then boil with water, VO.
H(033) sterile females, racines fraîches, chew and swallow juice to be fertile
Region : East Africa
Country : Northwest Ethiopia
Vernacular name : duba (Amharic)
Reference HC 51
Author(s) : Constant, N. L. , M. P. Tshisikhawe
Title : Hierarchies of knowledge: ethnobotanical knowledge, practices and beliefs of the Vhavenda in South Africa for biodiversity conservation Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 14:56 (2018)
Symptoms : H(095)
Recipes : H(095) leaves of Cucurbita pepo edible vegetable; eaten as a spinach when cooked with the roots
H(095) eaten with porridge; medicine for treating birth pain
H(095) Seeds: edible
H(095) skin of pumpkin: used to make an edible dish named thopi when mixed with porridge
H(203) calabash
Region : South Africa
Country : South Africa
Vernacular name : thanga (Vhavenda), pumpkin (English)
Reference HD 07
Author(s) : Durand, J.M.
Title : Les plantes bienfaisantes du Ruanda et de l'Urundi. Astrida, Groupe scolaire, 89 p., (1960)
Symptoms : H(068)
Recipes : H(068) worm (inzoka), taenia, 100 grams of seeds, remove the thin skin. Grill + 3 tablespoons of salt + 1 glass H2O. Heat until everything is dry without burning. Eat in the evening with bread of milled sorghum unsieved (umutsima). In the morning drink warm pombe (local beer). At 9 am to eat vegetables with umutsima (?) Plant names from the work of Durand have been encoded from Kinyarwanda names. Confusions are possible.
Region : Central Africa
Country : Rwanda
Vernacular name : inzuzi (Kinyarwanda)
Reference HD 11
Author(s) : Dhetchuvi, M.- M. & J. Lejoly
Title : Contribution à la connaissance des plantes médicinales du Nord-Est du Zaïre. Mitt. Inst. Allg. Bot. Hamburg, 23 b, 991 - 1006, (1990)
Symptoms : H(068)
Recipes : H(068), seeds of Cucurbita pepo, RNS.
Region : West Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (ex. Zaïre)
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HD 12a
Author(s) : Desta, B.
Title : Ethiopian traditional herbal drugs.Part I: Studies on the toxicity and therapeutic activity of local taenicidal medications. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 45, pp. 27 - 33, (1995)
Symptoms : H(051), H(068)
Recipes : H(051), H(068) tenia, seeds, RNS.
Region : East Africa
Country : Ethiopia
Vernacular name : duba
Reference HD 15
Author(s) : Diafouka, A. J. P.
Title : Analyse des usages des plantes médicinales dans 4 régions de Congo-Brazzaville. Thèse de doctorat, Université libre de Bruxelles, Faculté des Sciences, Laboratoire de Botanique Systématique et de Phytosociologie, 431 p., (1997)
Symptoms : H(027y)
Recipes : H(027y) expulsion of the meconium, juice leaves of Cucurbita pepo, 1 coffee spoon, morning and evening
Region : Central Africa
Country : Congo-Brazzaville
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HD 38
Author(s) : Daruty, C. (Dr)
Title : Plantes Médicinales de l'Ile Maurice et des Pays Intertropicaux (p. 215) General Steam Printing Company, 6, rue du Gouvernement - Maurice (1886)
Symptoms : H(013), H(068), H(193)
Recipes : H(068) tapeworm, 125 gr of seeds of Cucurbita pepo (giraumon) pounded with du sugar + H2O. Faire one émulsion. VO. En 4 doses à 1/2 heure d'intervalle. Finir with un purgative
Cucurbita pepo is also involved in the treatment of : H(013) erysipèle, H(193) emollient
Region : Mauritius
Country : Mauritius
Vernacular name : giraumon (Creole), poussinikaye ou parengikaye (Tamoul)
Reference HG 01
Author(s) : Gelfand, M., S. Mavi, R.B. Drummond & B. Ndemera
Title : The traditional medicinal practitioner in Zimbabwe. Mambo Press, Gweru (Zimbabwe), 411 p., (1985) (From reference HC 26, HL 22)
Symptoms : H(037), H(113)
Recipes : H(037) pneumonia, leaves of Cucurbita pepo, decoction (H2O), local application
H(113), roots of Cucurbita., infusion (H2O), VO.
Region : East Africa
Country : Zimbabwe
Vernacular name : not registered