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Official name : Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers.
Family : Poaceae

58 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference B4 Nord
Author(s) : Boukef, K. & G.M. Ghileb
Title : Contribution à l’étude des plantes utilisées en médecine traditionnelle magghrébine. Bull. Méd. Trad. Pharm., Vol. 2, n°1, 47-55, (1988)
Symptoms : H(162)
Recipes : H(162, f), rhizom
Region : North Africa
Country : Algeria, Moroco, Tunisia
Vernacular name : njem, ennajam (Moroco) , njem (Tunisia)
Reference B5 Nord
Author(s) : Boulos, L.
Title : Medicinal plants of North Africa. Reference Publications, Inc., 218 St. Clair River Drive, Box 344, Algonac, Michigan 48001, 286p. , (1983)
Symptoms : H(007), H(037), H(045), H(095x), H(116), H(125), H(162x), H(179)
Recipes : decoction of rhizomes for H(179) renal and urinary troubles, depurative, H(116) emmenagogue, H(007) diuretic, refreshing agent, H(125) sudorific, H(193) emollient, for H(037) cough; used for supression of H(162x) urine and vesical calculus, for purifying the blood, H(045) disinfectant, H(045) vulnerary
Region : North Africa
Country : Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocoo, Tunisia
Vernacular name : endjil ; nigil ; moddad ; nedjem; Rjel leghrab, kar’a leghrab ; ndjil, nadjir, zabak, kezmir, tsil, Raifa, ‘akresh (Arabic), tizmit; affer, agesmir; tagamait, Imelzi, haffar, toungane, agouzinir, aoukeraz, almès (Berber), bermuda grass, dog’ s-tooth- grass, scutch-grass (English), gros chiendent ; herbe du ber- mudes ; chiendent pied de poule; chiendent d’Italie ; dactyle (local French)
Reference B6 Nord
Author(s) : Bellakhdar, J.
Title : La pharmacopée marocaine traditionnelle: Médecine arabe ancienne et savoirs populaires. Ibis Press, 764 p. (1997)
Symptoms : H(007), H(179), H(189)
Recipes : H(007), H(179), rhizom, decoction, VO. (Moroco)
H(189) of the woman ?, rhizom, decoction, enema (region of Tissint)
Region : North Africa
Country : Moroco
Vernacular name : nnjem, en-najam, en-njîl (Moroco), âfar (Berber, Souss); âgesmir (Tissint), gros chiedent, dactyle, chiendent officinal (local French)
Reference B7 Nord
Author(s) : Bellakhdar, J., R. Claisse, J. Fleurentin & C. Younos
Title : Repertory of standard herbal drugs in the Moroccan pharmacopoea Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 35, pp. 123 - 143 (1991)
Symptoms : H(007)
Recipes : H(007) diuretic, rhyzome of Cynodon dactylon, RNS.
Region : North Africa
Country : Moroco
Vernacular name : n-njem, rjel legrâb
Reference D1 Nord
Author(s) : Didi, O., M. Hadj-Mahammed., H. Zabeirou
Title : Place des plantes spontannées dans la médecine traditionnelle de la région de Ouargla (Sahara septentrional Est) Place of the spontaneous plants samples in the traditional pharmacopoeia of the area of Ouargla (Septentrional east Sahara) Courrier du Savoir – N°03,, pp. 47-51 (Janvier 2003)
Symptoms : H(038), H(113)
Recipes : H(038) urinary and biliary disorders, H(113) arthritis, H(113) rheumatism, leaves, stems and twigs of Cynodon dactylon, decoction, tisane
Region : North Africa
Country : Algeria (Septentrional east Sahara)
Vernacular name : not communicated by the authors
Reference E1 Nord
Author(s) : El-Hilaly Jaouad. , Mohamed Hmammouchi & Badiâa Lyoussi
Title : Ethnobotanical studies and economic evaluation of medicinal plants in Taounate province (Northern Morocco). Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 86, pp. 149-158 (2003)
Symptoms : H(104)
Recipes : H(104) stomach disorders, root decoction, VO.
Region : North Africa
Country : Moroco (Tatouane province)
Vernacular name : njem
Reference E2 Nord
Author(s) : Eddouks, M., M. Maghrani, A. Lemhadri, M. -L. Ouahidi & H. Jouad
Title : Ethnopharmacological survey of medicinal plants used for the treatment of diabetes mellitus, hypertension and cardiac diseases in the south-east region of Morocco (Tafilalet) . Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 82 (2002) pp. 97 - 103
Symptoms :
Recipes : H(034), H(151), aerial part, RNS
Region : North Africa
Country : Morocco (Tafilalet region )
Vernacular name : rjel laghrab, n'jem
Reference E4 Nord
Author(s) : El Hassani M., Douiri E. M., Bammi J., Zidane L., Badoc A., Douira A.
Title : Plantes médicinales de la Moyenne Moulouya (Nord-Est du Maroc) Ethnopharmacologia, n°50, juillet , 39-53 (2013) Bulletin de la société française d'ethnopharmacologie et de la société européenne d'ethnopharmacologie
Symptoms : H(108), H(179)
Recipes : H(162y) bladder inflammation, difficulty of urination, H(179) kidney stones, H(108) cooling, roots of Cynodon dactylon , decoction
Region : North Africa
Country : Morocco (Northeastern) (Intermediate Moulouya)
Vernacular name : njem (Arabic)
Reference HA 08
Author(s) : Adjanohoun, E., M.R.A. Ahyi, A. Ahmed, J. Eymê, S. Guinko, A. Kayonga, A. Keita, M. Lebras
Title : Contribution aux études ethnobotaniques et floristiques aux Comores. Agence de coopération culturelle et technique, (A.C.C.T.), Paris, 216 p., (1982) From the data bank PHARMEL 2 (ref. HP 10)
Symptoms : H(004), H(124)
Recipes : H(004) wound + H(124), stems with leaves of Cynodon dactylon, pulp, local application
Region : Comoros
Country : Comoros
Vernacular name : kounoundredje (Great Comoros)
Reference HA 1k
Author(s) : Ainslie, J.R.
Title : A list of plants used in native medicine in Nigeria. Imperial Forestry Institute.University of Oxford, Institute Paper, n° 7, (1937)
Symptoms : H(090), H(195)
Recipes : H(090), H(195), rhizom, tonic cardiac, dropsy
Region : West Africa
Country : Nigeria
Vernacular name : kiri-kiri
Reference HA 20
Author(s) : Adjanohoun et al.
Title : Contribution to ethnobotanical and floristic studies in Uganda. O.U.A./C.S.T.R., Lagos (1993) From the data bank PHARMEL 2 (ref. HP 10)
Symptoms : H(014), H(137)
Recipes : H(014) itch, aerian part of Cynodon dactylon, to carbonize, to dilute, local application + vaseline
H(137), aerian part of Cynodon dactylon, pulp, local application
Region : East Africa
Country : Uganda
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HA 53
Author(s) : Amenu, E.
Title : Use and management of medicinal plants by indigenous people of Ejaji area (Chelya woreda) West Shoa, Ethopia: An Ethnobotanical Approach A Thesis submited to the school of graduate studies, Addis Ababan, Ethiopia, 104 p. June 2007
Symptoms : H(020)
Recipes : H(020) snake poison (buutii), above ground parts of Cynodon dactylon is rubbed to the affected skin for seven days with butter.
Region : East Africa
Country : Western Ethiopia, Oromya Region, West Shoa Zone in Chelya woreda.
Vernacular name : coqorsa (Afaan Oromoo)
Reference HA 58
Author(s) : Andriamparany, J. N ., K. Brinkmann, V. Jeannoda, A. Buerkert
Title : Effects of socio-economic household characteristics on traditional knowledge and usage of wild yams and medicinal plants in the Mahafaly region of south-western Madagascar Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, 10:82, (2014)
Symptoms : H(100)
Recipes : H(100) venereal infections, aerial parts of Cynodon dactylon, RNS.
Region : Madagascar
Country : South-western Madagascar (Mahafaly region)
Vernacular name : kidresy
Reference HA 63
Author(s) : Abera B.
Title : Medicinal plants used in traditional medicine by Oromo people, Ghimbi District, Southwest Ethiopia Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine,10:40 (2014)
Symptoms : V(012)
Recipes : Vb(012) bone fracture, leafy-stem of Cynodon dactylon is harvested and given for cattle, VO
Region : East Africa
Country : Southwest Ethiopia
Vernacular name : coqosa adii (Oromo)
Reference HB 02
Author(s) : Boiteau, P.
Title : Médecine traditionnelle et pharmacopée.Précis de matière médicale malgache. Agence de coopération culturelle et technique, (A.C.C.T.), Paris 141 p., (1986) From the data bank PHARMEL 2 (ref. HP 10)
Symptoms : H(005), H(006) + H(104), H(007), H(068), H(099), H(104), H(128), H(151), H(163), H(177), H(179)
Recipes : H(005), H(128), styliform and stigma of Zea mays, rhizome of Cynodon dactylon, roots of Abrus precatorius, whole plant of Lycopodiella cernua of Equisetum ramosissimum, decoction (H2O), VO.
H(006) + H(104), H(068), H(104), whole plant of Euphorbia hirta of Cassytha filiformis, rhizome of Cynodon dactylon, stem with leaves of Psidium guajava, barks stem, branch, trunk of Samadera indica, decoction (H2O), VO.
H(007), H(099) sedative, rhizome of Cynodon., RNS.
H(007), rhizome of Cynodon, decoction in 80% H2O, VO.
H(068), barks stem, branch, trunk of Trema orientalis, rhizome of Cynodon dactylon of Smilax kraussiana, whole plant of saltaginella concina, decoction (H2O), to filter, VO. + H2O of rice + charcoal wood in powder
H(151), roots of Catharanthus lanceus, whole plant of Viscum sp. of Drosera ramentacea, twigs with flowers of Passiflora incarnata, rhizome of Cynodon davtylon, decoction (H2O), VO.
H(163), styliform and stigma of Zea mays, rhizome of Cynodon dactylon of Smilax kraussiana, ripe fruit of Coriandrum sativum, whole plant of Tachiadenus carinatus of Saccharum officinarum of Alchemilla sp. of Plectranthus villosus, leaves of Mentha rotundifolia, decoction (H20), VO.
H(177), foliole of Cassia alata, roots of Cocos nuciirona, rhizome of Cynodon dactylon, twigs with flowers of Passiflora incarnata, whole plant of Viscum sp., barks of the underground part of Cabucala madagascariensis, decoction (H2O), VO.
H(179) kidney lithiasis, seeds of Piper nigrum, styliform and stigma of Zea mays, whole plant of Equisetum ramosissimum, rhizome of Cynodon dactylon, flowers of Hibiscus tiliaceus, decoction (H2O), VO.
Region : Madagascar
Country : Madagascar
Vernacular name : fandrotrarana
Reference HB 25M
Author(s) : Bossard, E.
Title : La médecine traditionnelle au centre et à l'ouest de l'Angola. Ministério da ciênciae da tecnologia. Instituto de investigaçâo cientifica tropical. Lisboa - p. 531 (1996) (ISBN : 972-672-858-4)
Symptoms : H(014), H(033), H(091), H(126)
Recipes : H(014) itch, roots of avava (Cassytha filiformis) of kepa (Cynodon dactylon) of kwalu (Smilax kraussiana) , to boil, VO. 3 X / day
H(033) male and femal infertility, roots tea, VO. 3 X / day
H(091) tonic, roots tea, VO. 1 X / day
H(126, f) hepatitis, roots macerated in H2O of andala (Aloe zebrina) of kepa (Cynodon dactylon), tea + bath + bath of leaves of andala, nex day. Treatment to follow during 8 days
Region : West Africa
Country : Angola (region of Chianga )
Vernacular name : kepa (Umbundu), grama, escalracho (Portuguese, chiendent pied-de-poule (Français), bermuda ou bahama grass (English)
Reference HB 3k
Author(s) : Bost, R.
Title : Pharmacopée malgache. Mémoire de l'Institut scientifique de Madagascar, série B, Tome 10, Fasc. 2, 159 - 234, (1961)
Symptoms : H(015x), H(091)
Recipes : H(015x), albumin, plant, decoction (H2O), RNS.
H(091), general fatigue, whole plant, decoction (H2O), tea
Region : Madagascar
Country : Madagascar
Vernacular name : fandrotrarana
Reference HC 31
Author(s) : Chekole, G., Z. Asfaw, E. Kelbessa
Title : Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants in the environs of Tara-gedam and Amba remnant forests of Libo Kemkem District, northwest Ethiopia Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, 11:4 (2015)
Symptoms : H(020), H(068)
Recipes : H(020) venin de serpent, fresh aerian part of Cynodon dactylon, chew and absorb the juice
H(068) tape worm, freh leaves and stems, drink the concoction
Region : East Africa
Country : Northwest Ethiopia
Vernacular name : serdo (Amharic)
Reference HC 32
Author(s) : Carrière, M.
Title : Plantes de Guinée à l' usage des éleveurs et des véterinaires Centre de coopération internationale en recherche agronomique pour le développement département d'élevage et de médecine vétérinaire. CIRAD-EMVT 10, rue Pierre-Curie 94704 Maisons-Alfort Cedex -France
Symptoms :
Recipes : V(095), forage appreciated by cattle, sheep and goats.
Region : West Africa
Country : Guinea Conakry
Vernacular name : naragbada, naragbara (Malinké), doubourou leïdi (Poular), kokidéggé (Soussou)
Reference HD 04
Author(s) : Desouter, S.
Title : Pharmacopée humaine et vétérinaire du Rwanda. Musée royal de l'Afrique centrale Tervuren. Ann. Sc. Eco., Vol. 22, 254 p., (1991)
Symptoms : H(068)
Recipes : H(068), bud's gall, poundes + H2O, 2 gulp, morning and evening
Region : Central Africa
Country : Rwanda
Vernacular name : umucaca (Kinyarwanda)