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Official name : Digitaria abyssinica (A. Rich.) Stapf
Family : Poaceae

reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HB 01
Author(s) : Baerts, M. & J. Lehmann
Title : Guérisseurs et plantes médicinales de la région des crêtes Zaïre-Nil au Burundi. Musée royal de l'Afrique centrale, Tervuren, Belgique.Ann. Sc. Eco., Vol. 18, 214 p., (1989) From the data bank PHARMEL 2 (ref. HP 10)
Symptoms : H(056), H(091), H(172)
Recipes : H(056) filariosis, H(172) filariosis, elephantiasis, ashes of leaves of Digitaria abyssinica of Tragia brevipes, stems with leaves of Hypericum revolutum, scarificationss
H(091) rachitism nw. born, leaves of Digitaria abyssinica of Sesbania sesban… var nubica , decoction (H2O), VO.
Region : Central Africa
Country : Burundi (Zaïre-Nil ridge region)
Vernacular name : urwiri (Kirundi)
Reference HD 04
Author(s) : Desouter, S.
Title : Pharmacopée humaine et vétérinaire du Rwanda. Musée royal de l'Afrique centrale Tervuren. Ann. Sc. Eco., Vol. 22, 254 p., (1991)
Symptoms : H(007)
Recipes : H(007) diur., roots, infusion, VO., 1 cup in the evening
Region : Central Africa
Country : Rwanda
Vernacular name : urwili (Kinyarwanda), bermuda grass, star grass, couch grass (English), chiendent (Français)
Reference HD 11
Author(s) : Dhetchuvi, M.- M. & J. Lejoly
Title : Contribution à la connaissance des plantes médicinales du Nord-Est du Zaïre. Mitt. Inst. Allg. Bot. Hamburg, 23 b, 991 - 1006, (1990)
Symptoms : H(100)
Recipes : H(100), rhizome of Digitaria abyssinica, RNS.
Region : West Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (ex. Zaïre)
Vernacular name : not registered
Reference HK 21
Author(s) : Kayonga, A. & F. X. Habiyaremye
Title : Médecine traditionnelle et plantes médicinales rwandaises. Contribution aux études ethnobotaniques de la flore rwandaise.Préfecture de Gisenyi.Univ. Nat. Rwanda Centre universitaire de recherche sur la pharmacopée et la médecine traditionnelle, CURPHAMETRA, inédit, 121p., (1987)
Symptoms : H(126), H(127)
Recipes : H(126) or H(127), whole plant Centella asiatica, Digitaria abyssinica, leaves Clutia abyssinica, Rumex usambarensis, Triumfetta cordifolia , pounded + H2O, extract, decoction (H2O), VO., 1/2 bottle / day during 1 month
Region : Central Africa
Country : Rwanda (Gisenyi district)
Vernacular name : urwiri
Reference HM 48
Author(s) : M.-J. Mukazayire, M.-J. , V. Minani, C. K. Ruffo, E. Bizuru, C. Stévigny, P. Duez
Title : Traditional phytotherapy remedies used in Southern Rwanda for the treatment of liver diseases Journal of Ethnopharmacology 138, 415– 431 (2011)
Symptoms : H(126)
Recipes : H(126) liver diseases, crush a handful of fresh leaves of Digitaria abyssinica. Boil with 1 L of H2O and Filtrer. VO.1/2 a bottle a day for 30 days
H(126) liver diseases, squeeze the juice of fresh leaves, 1 handful for each plant of Rumex usambalensis of Clutia abyssinica of Digitaria abyssinica of Triumfetta cordifolia of Centella asiatica and mix with 1 L of H2O, VO. 1/2 bottle a day with a total of 30 days
Region : Central Africa
Country : Southern Rwanda
Vernacular name : urwiri (Kinyarwanda)
Reference HN 31
Author(s) : Namukobe, J., J. M. Kasenene, B. T. Kiremire, R. Byamukama, M. Kamatenesi-Mugisha, S. Krief, V. Dumontet, J. D. Kabasa
Title : Traditional plants used for medicinal purposes by local communities around the Northern sector of Kibale National Park, Uganda Journal of Ethnopharmacology 136, 236–245, (2011)
Symptoms : H(051)
Recipes : H(051, 6) paludism, H(051x, 6) yellow fever, dry leaf of Digitaria abyssinica decoction, VO. & bathed
H(124, 6) bleeding, dry leaf pound & apply on fresh wound
Region : East Africa
Country : Uganda (Northern sector of Kibale National Park)
Vernacular name : orumbugu (Rutooro)
Reference HS 18
Author(s) : Ssegawa, P., J. M. Kasenene
Title : Medicinal plant diversity and uses in Sango bay area, Southern Uganda. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, Volume 113, pp. 521 - 540, (2007)
Symptoms : H(046)
Recipes : H(046, 2) measles, decoction of stems of Digitaria abyssinica, VO.
Region : East Africa
Country : Uganda (Sango bay area)
Vernacular name : olumbugu
Reference HT 41
Author(s) : Tabuti, J. RS, C. B. Kukunda, D. Kaweesi, O. MJ. Kasib
Title : Herbal medicine use in the districts of Nakapiripirit, Pallisa, Kanungu, and Mukono in Uganda Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine, 8:35 ( 2012)
Symptoms : H(012), H(051), H(051x), H(108)
Recipes : H(012, 1) fractures, H(051, 1) paludism, H(051x, 1) yellow fever, H(108, 1) flu, leaves are the most commonly used plant organ, roots and stems are also used, the medicines are mostly prepared as water extracts or as decoction and administered orally
Region : East Africa
Country : Uganda (districts of Nakapiripirit, Pallisa, Kanungu & Mukono)
Vernacular name : not communicated by the authors
Reference HT 46
Author(s) : Tugume P., E. K. Kakudidi, M. Buyinza, J. Namaalwa, M. Kamatenesi, P. Mucunguzi, J. Kalema
Title : Ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plant species used by communities around Mabira Central Forest Reserve, Uganda Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 12:5 (2016)
Symptoms : H(008), H(108), H(157)
Recipes : H(008) diarrhoea, decoction VO.
H(108) flu, H(157) convulsions, cut whole plant of Digitaria abyssinica, boil and steam
Region : East Africa
Country : Uganda (Mabira Central Forest Reserve)
Vernacular name : lumbugu (Luganda)
Reference VC 02
Author(s) : Cihyoka, M. A.
Title : AGEEP-Bushi, Bukavu. Expérience en pharmacopée vétérinaire traditionnelle au Bushi (Kivu/Zaïre). Métissages en santé animale de Madagascar à Haïti. Presses universitaires de Namur, 267 - 274, (1994)
Symptoms : V(015)
Recipes : V(015) (= muzihu), Digitaria abyssinica , cooked in H20,1 l. durinr 7 jours, + cataplasm of Impatiens masisiensis, Gynura ruwenzoriensis
Region : Central Africa
Country : Congo (Democratic republic) (ex. Zaïre) (Bushi, South - Kivu)
Vernacular name : misihe (Mashi)