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Official name : Kyllinga elatior Kunth
Family : Cyperaceae

1 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HY 06
Author(s) : Yamada, T.
Title : A report on the ethnobotany of the Nyindu in the eastern part of the former Zaïre African Study Monographs,20(1): 1-72, June 1999
Symptoms : H(008), H(040)
Recipes : H(040) lower back, "malali ya mgongo"; pain in the lower back and H(008) + H(040) the other is a pain accompanied by a dysentery. This is used for the latter; burn the root of Kyllinga elatio with a chicken’s hucklebone into ashes, cut a little the ached part and then rub the ashes into a cut
(This plant is known by 6 to 8 informants)
Region : Central Africa
Country : Democratic Republic of the Congo (ex. Zaire) Eastern part (Nyindu people)
Vernacular name : mushenge (Kinyindu)