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Official name : Senecio lyratipartitus Sch.- Bip. ex A. Rich.
Family : Asteraceae

5 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HA 29 d
Author(s) : M. Ichikawa
Title : The Suiei Ndorobo, the hunter-gatherers in the Mathew's Range of northern Kenya in : AFLORA on the Web ( The database of traditional plant utilization in AfricaCenter for African Area Studies, Kyoto University
Symptoms : H(051), H(095)
Recipes : H(051, r), root soaked in water and used as medicine for fever
H(091, r), nector source
Region : East Africa
Country : Kenya (Northern)
Vernacular name : sapuju (Dorobo) (Suiei)
Reference HK 13
Author(s) : Kokwaro, J.O.
Title : Medicinal plants of East Africa. East african literature bureau, Kampala, Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam, 368 p., (1976)
Symptoms : H(004)
Recipes : H(004), leaf of Combretum molle + roots pounded of Senecio lyratipartitus + leafs of banana tree as bandage
Region : East Africa
Country : Kenya
Vernacular name : rwinkithia (Meru)
Reference HK 52
Author(s) : Kokwaro, J. O.
Title : Some common african herbal remedies for skin diseases: with special reference to Kenya Medicinal and poisonous plants of the tropics. Proceedings of symposium of the 14th International botanical congress, Berlin, 24 july - 1 august 1987, 44-69, (1987)
Symptoms : H(004)
Recipes : H(004) wound, dried roots of Senecio lyratipartitus pounded and the powder , local application
Region : East Africa
Country : Kenya
Vernacular name : rwinkithia (Meru)
Reference VM 10
Author(s) : Minja, M.M.J.
Title : Medicinal plants used in promotion of animal health in Tanzania. Animal Diseases Research Instit., Dep. Pharmacology/ Toxic., Dar Es Salaam. Métissages en santé animale de Madagascar à Haïti. Presses universitaires de Namur, 335 - 364, (1994)
Symptoms : V(068)
Recipes : Vc(068), VO., infusion leaves
Region : East Africa
Country : Tanzania (Sanja Juu district)
Vernacular name : kiraambuya (Chagga)
Reference VM 11
Author(s) : Mkangare, M.M.J.
Title : Collection of Tanzanian medicinal plants for biological activity studies. Proceedings of the 7th Tanzania veterinary association scientific conference. Tanzania Veterinary Association, Vol. 7, 67- 78, (1989) De la référence VB 10
Symptoms : V(068)
Recipes : Vb(068), leaves, RNS.
Region : East Africa
Country : Tanzania (Arusha, Kilimandjaro )
Vernacular name : kiraambuya