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Official name : Fadogia ancylantha Schweinf.
Family : Rubiaceae

2 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HN 52
Author(s) : Ngezahayo, J., F. Havyarimana, L. Hari, C. Stévigny, P. Duez.
Title : Medicinal plants used by Burundian traditional healers for the treatment of microbial diseases + Supplemtary table Journal of Ethnopharmacology 173, 338–351 (2015)
Symptoms : H(013), H(014)
Recipes : H(014) ringworm. 2 handfuls of leaves of Fadogia ancylantha are decocted in water (1 L). The decoction is used as enema once a day for 3 days. beer
H(013) purulent rashes. Dried leaves (200 g) are pounded, and/or decocted in a bottle of water. The pounded leaves re mixed with cow butter and rubbed on the body, or a cup is of decoction is drunk twice a day and used as enema once a day
This plant is reported by 12% of informants
Region : Central Africa
Country : Burundi
Vernacular name : umuvuzampundu (Kirundi)
Reference HS 28
Author(s) : Sewani-Rusike, C. R.
Title : Plants of Zimbabwe as anti-fertility agents African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines, Vol. 7, No. 3, pp. 253 - 257, (2010)
Symptoms : H(033z)
Recipes : H(033z) 3-6 root pieces of roots of Fadogia ancylantha around the waist, used for "kurera", contraceptives for child spacing.
Region : East Africa
Country : Zimbabwe (Harare and surrounding rural areas)
Vernacular name : musvisvinwa (Shona), makoni tea (English)