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Official name : Cola gabonensis Mast.
Family : Sterculiaceae

1 reference(s) related to this plant

Reference HM 80
Author(s) : Molloumba F. F. Bossali, P.J.Molloumba, G. Ewaméla
Title : La pharmacopée des peuples Pygmées du nord-ouest du Congo Brazzaville pour les affections bucco-dentaires Actes. Société française d'histoire de l'art dentaire, 2011, 16
Symptoms : H(103)
Recipes : H(103) Cola gabonensis; remedy plant of pygmy peoples against the side effects of dental mutilations, Chewing leaves after mutilation and disappearance of hyperesthesia
Region : West Africa
Country : northwestern Congo Brazzaville
Vernacular name : mungaingai