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Reference : VB 15

Author(s) : Boiteau, P. & L. Allorge-Boiteau
Title : Plantes médicinales de Madagascar. Editions, collection: Économie et développement, 136 p., (1993)
Reference VB 15 has information about 3 plants :
Mirabilis jalapa L.
Official name : Mirabilis jalapa L.
Family : Nyctaginaceae
Symptoms : H(006)
Recipes : H(006) purgative, 2 gr of washed roots of Mirabilis jalapa, triturate + 15 gr. suggar, VO. In the morning on an empty stomach
H(006) purgative, 2 à 4 gr roots powder in a glass H2O with suggar
H(006) purgative, decoction in 150 gr of chicken soup of 15 gr. Roots
Region : Madagascar
Country : Madagascar (Tananarive)
Vernacular name : belakariva (Merina, Sakalawa, Betsileo), folera (Merina, Sakalawa), voampolera (Merina)
Rhodocodon madagascariensis Baker
Official name : Rhodocodon madagascariensis Baker
Family : Liliaceae
Symptoms : V(092)
Recipes : V(092), to fry bulbs in small slices + flour, = bait against mices
Region : Madagascar
Country : Madagascar (Tananarive)
Vernacular name : famonototozy (Merina), kilobaloba, sahondra (Betsileo), tapabatana (Merina , Betsileo)
Roupellina boivini (Baillon) Pichon
Official name : Roupellina boivini (Baillon) Pichon
Family : Apocynaceae
Symptoms : V(092)
Recipes : Vcanis(092), decoction whole plant, RNS.
Region : Madagascar
Country : Madagascar (Tananarive)
Vernacular name : kalbocala, befe, lalondo (Sakalava), tambio (Tandroy), hiba (Bara, Sakalawa), saritangena (Tank.)