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3 archives found for 'Labouchere, Henry'
  • 4170.

    Henry Labouchere, London, 21-08-1896
  • 4631.

    Various autobiographical notes, [c. 1893 or later], typescript, with pencil corrections by Dorothy Tennant, 75 pp. plus autograph title page by HMS, 4to

    Notes on Calumny, Prayer; Inventions; The young; Youth; Work & object of life; [Edward] Virnard; Teachings of life; The Times; Success; The sea; Society; Schopenhauer; Religion; Political Topics; Perfect disinterestedness; Prefatory; Officialism; Cicero's death; Marriage; The mind; Murray the Publisher; [Thomas Babington] Macaulay; Learning; My love; Love of country and home; Love; [Henry] Labouchere; Knowledge; Journalistic Quackery; Ireland; Human nature; Irreligion in London; Illusions; Hospitality; Happy mean; Sad unhelpful tears (Shakespeare); [William] Gladstone; [Francis] Galton; Faithful and fearless; Education; Disposition; Domestic infelicities; The difficulty of avoiding a law court; Doctors; Castle Rock; Capital punishment; Church and its Reform; Crowds; The cruelties of other people; [Auguste] Comte; Columbus's hair; Cards; Calumny
  • 3724.

    Henri Labouchere, Cadenabbia (Italy), 18-09-1890