(Re)-appropriation. Artistes et archives

Rencontres / Performances /Table ronde

On 14 and 15 October 2023, the AfricaMuseum and arts programmer and journalist Ayoko Mensah invit the public to meet nearly 30 artists and researchers for a weekend of networking, debates and performances on the artistic use of the museum’'s archives. 

Jonathan Vatunga, Mère et enfant (détail), technique mixte, 2023.

Visual artists, filmmakers, musiciansand performers , will be on site or digitally connected from the African continent to meet and present professionals and the public with their work and research based on the museum’'s many (written, visual and sound archives). They will also discuss their practices and experiences, and to question their relationship with the archive and the museum institution. 
Saturday 14 October will be open to the public and will feature three types of encounters. Artists will present their work in three hour-long thematic sessions. There will also be a round-table discussion, at 2:30 pm, on the theme of Appropriating museum archives: practices issues; problems; featuring historian Amzat Boukari and researcher Lotte Arndt.
Sunday 15 October will be devoted to networking and discussions with the public, from 2pm in the auditorium. No reservation needed. Teddy Mazina will also be present at the public opening of the MY NAME IS NO-BODY exhibition, for which you do need to register
Participants include: On Ying Adila Yip, Eric Androa Mindre, Maximilien Atangana, Hilary Balu, Rokia Bamba, Tatiana Bohm, Sarah Carlier, Matthias De Groof, Beau Disundi, Koenraad Ecker, Eddy Ekete, Johan Grimonprez, Stephane Kabila, Kabeya, Victoire Karera, Jean Kamba, Sixte Kakinda, Pytshens Kambilo, Nicole Letuppe, Johnny Leya, Maliza Liebeskind, Emilio López-Menchero, Frédéric Lubansu, Arno Luzamba, Heritier M. Bilaka, Teddy Mazina, Aimé Mpane, Innocent Muhozi, Freddy Mutombo, Paulvi Ngimbi, Precy Numbi, Haldi Nzia Okudheyo, Rosy Sambwa, Prisca Tankwey, Anne-Françoise Tasnier, Fransix Tenda, Jérémy Tshiyembi Koyoka, Eric Van den Abeele, Jonathan Vatunga…

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14.10: 11 am - 6 pm/ 15.10: 2 pm - 6 pm






Image : Jonathan Vatunga, Mère et enfant (détail), technique mixte, 2023.