Tervuren Xylarium Wood Database

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Familia: Dipterocarpaceae
Species name according to: Cat. n. 966.
Accepted standard name: this name is accepted
Features and microscopic photographs from Inside Wood database
Local and/or commercial names
Name Language Region Country Source
balau trade group http://www.prosea.org/
burma sal english Coster (1993)
c[af] ch[aws]c southern Vietnam http://www.prosea.org/
ca chac vietnamese Vietnam http://www.mekonginfo.org/mrc_en/doclib.nsf/0/D4E8AB8128E30D9247256CED00315879/$FILE/FULLTEXT.html
ca chit Coster (1993)
cay ca chac Coster (1993)
cay thi Coster (1993)
ceuri Coster (1993)
chan hoi Coster (1993)
chan tok Coster (1993)
chik Laos http://www.prosea.org/
chuea Coster (1993)
keucik Coster (1993)
khoh chuea Coster (1993)
kocik Coster (1993)
laa nai Coster (1993)
le noei Coster (1993)
lenai Coster (1993)
mai bok phe Coster (1993)
mai hok pha Coster (1993)
mai ngye Coster (1993)
mai nye Coster (1993)
mai teng Coster (1993)
masa Coster (1993)
may chick Coster (1993)
nao nai Coster (1993)
ngae Coster (1993)
ngeh Coster (1993)
ngoe Coster (1993)
ong liang yong Coster (1993)
pha chek Coster (1993)
phcheck Coster (1993)
phcheck angkam Coster (1993)
phcheck reang Coster (1993)
phcheck sneng Coster (1993)
phchök Cambodia http://www.prosea.org/
phdheck Coster (1993)
phohoc Coster (1993)
pra chat Coster (1993)
pra choek Coster (1993)
siamese sal english Coster (1993)
teng Coster (1993)
teng Thailand http://www.prosea.org/
teng khaao Coster (1993)
thitya Myanmar http://www.prosea.org/
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