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Henry Morton Stanley : correspondence.

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  • 463.

    Letter from Lewis H. Noe to his father Thomas J. Noe , "we are down here and before 24 hours is over our heads we will have attacked Fort Fisher and Fort Caswell" , U.S.S. Minnesota, off Wilmington , 17-12-1864

    Note: With pencil inscription: "Please return this to me", signed L. H. Noe, 17-03-1889; attached note dated 25-10-1907: "This letter was written by Henry M. Stanley for Lewis H. Noe"

  • 464.

    Letter from Lewis H. Noe to HMS , asking him "to pay over to me a share of the money you obtained from the Turkish courts" , Sayville, Long Island (New York) , 30-11-1886

  • 465.

    Letter from James B. Pond to Lewis H. Noe , stressing that no part of the Indemnity Fund was ever received by Stanley , New York , 06-12-1886

  • 466.

    Letters from G. L. Rives (Assistant Secretary, Department of State) to Lewis H. Noe , regarding "the occurrences in which you and Mr. H. M. Stanley are stated to have been concerned in Asia Minor in 1866" , s.l , February - March 1888 , (2 pieces)

  • 467.

    Correspondence Lewis H. Noe with Admiral Nicoll Ludlow , regarding Stanley's U.S. Naval service and desertion , s.l , January 1907 , (2 pieces)

  • 468.

    Correspondence Henry S. Wellcome with J. Collett Smith , regarding the purchase of Stanley-related documents from Lewis H. Noe , s.l , October - November 1907 , (5 pieces)

  • 469.

    Letter [copy] from Henry Curtis to Lewis H. Noe , asking him to write out a complete account of all the details of the life and doings of Stanley , Pirbright, Surrey , 11-10-1907

  • 470.

    Letter [with envelop] from Lewis H. Noe to J. Collett Smith , "if I come across any other papers I would forward same (?) to you" , Sayville, Long Island , 25-10-1907