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Henry Morton Stanley : miscellanea.

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  • 5153.

    Presentation album Stanley , 76 pp., only 51 used , 24 x 31
    Note: photographs of HMS from his youth (age 15) till December 1897, also a few photographs of Dorothy Tennant, Stanley's Zanzibari porters, members of the EPRE, Sir Richard F. Burton in 1890, Sir Robert Napier with his staff in 1868, with ink inscriptions by
  • 5154.

    Presentation album Congo , 55 pp., only 22 used , 24 x 31
    Note: photographs of HMS from 1870 till 1890, also photographs of Francis John Pocock, Uledi and Manwa Sera, Stanley’s porters, King Leopold II, various officers of the Congo Free State, Anton Greshoff, photos of Congo scenery probably taken in the 1890’s bSS
  • 5155.

    Carte de visite album , 29,8 x 22,8
    Note: with 42 studio portrait photographs of (among others) Stanley, Dorothy Tennant, Charles George Gordon, Baron Lambermont, Oswald Dutalis, Hermenegildo Capello, Roberto Ivens, Alice Pike, Anthony Bannister Swinburne, R. W. Murray, Gaetano Casati, Thomas H.