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  • 6883.

    Letter from Edward Marston to Donald MacAlister , saying that Stanley "will be very proud indeed to accept the distinguished honour which the Council propose to confer upon him" , 28-02-1890 , Cairo
    [with postscript by HMS]
  • 6884.

    Letter from HMS to Colonel Thomas W. Knox , begging of him to introduce Dorothy Tennant's brother Charles Coombe Tennant to New York , 18-07-1890 , Romsey, Hants
  • 6885.

    Letter from HMS to Major James B. Pond , "you scarcely comprehend what the term electioneering means in England", stressing that "a Candidate cannot absent himself for more than a fortnight or so" , 31-05-1894 , London
  • 6886.

    Letter from HMS to Thomas Douglas Murray , "my Italian trip has fully restored me" , 10-04-1886 , Rome, Italy
  • 6887.

    Letter from HMS to the Rev. Dr. Kitto , accepting an invitation to a meeting on emigration, but adding that "as for speaking on the subject, I do not know anything of it" , 04-03-1893 , London
  • 6888.

    Letter from HMS to Henry Walter Bates (Secretary of the Royal Geographical Society) , concerning a reading of Sir Francis de Winton's paper on the Congo Free State , 03-06-1886 , London
  • 6889.

    Letter from HMS to Sir Edwin Arnold , asking him to advise King Leopold about the Congo in order to "lessen the irritation of our public" ("somehow or another the Congo State is in very bad odour with English people") , 01-06-1897 , London
  • 6890.

    Letter from Edward Grey (Foreign Secretary) to Mr. Bennett , regarding the annexation of the Congo State by Belgium, "it is desirable to avoid giving the impression of dictating to Belgium" , 31-10-1907 , Foreign Office
  • 6891.

    Letter [with envelop] from HMS to Thomas Scott , "I do not intend to stay even one night at South Shields" , 23-11-1878 , Newcastle
  • 6892.

    Letter from HMS to Major James B. Pond , eulogising Pond's book [Eccentricities of genius], commenting on Pond's experiences with Winston Churchill, "you must not be too hard upon him for remember he is very young" , 16-01-1901 , London
  • 6893.

    Letter [with envelop] from HMS to Felix Moscheles , explaining how he is "sore beset, always waiting waiting for orders" and how when King Leopold emerges from retirement and returns to Brussels "I shall hear and obey" , 03-06-1885 , London
  • 6894.

    Letter [with envelop] from HMS to Felix Moscheles , describing the "intense whirl" of his social life , 25-06-1885 , London
  • 6895.

    Letter [with envelop] from HMS to Felix Moscheles , "I begin to understand why people have been glad to get away from London after the season" , 02-07-1885 , London
  • 6896.

    Letter [with envelop] from HMS to Felix Moscheles , "I really am pining for fresh air and change" , 19-08-1885 , London
  • 6897.

    Letter from HMS to Felix Moscheles , thanking him for the gift of a painting , 31-12-1893 , London