Shifts in functional, taxonomic and phylogenetic diversity in West African tropical forests across time and climatic gradients

Dr. Jesús Aguirre Gutiérrez

Dr. Gutiérrez is a postdoc researcher at the Environmental Change Institute of the University of Oxford, where he is involved with the Ecosystems research group. His research focuses on understanding the impact of environmental condition on the distribution of species at a local and a global level over time. At the Ecosystems Lab he investigates the relationship between plant functional trait diversity, climate, LiDAR derived vegetation structure, and the plants’ spectal reflectance obtained from remote sensing data. 


The issues of tropical forest stocks, sinks and sources are a central topic in international policy debates on climate changes. UNESCO Biosphere Reserves are living laboratories for research on climate changes. The BiosphereCarbon seminars aim at underpinning carbon focused research in tropical rainforests.


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