Natural hazards and cartography

Our research focuses on:

  • compiling an inventory of hazards of geological and geomorphological origin: volcanoes, seismic events and landslides, particularly in Central Africa
  • analysing these hazards and how they relate to geodynamic processes
  • studying the temporal and regional variability of these phenomena
  • assessing the vulnerability of populations and infrastructure, and the risks associated with these hazards
  • developing and using satellite methods and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools for spatial analysis and modelling.

Our activities are based on a strong network of African partners.

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Scientific personnel

  • François Kervyn de Meerendré, Head of service
    Optical and radar remote sensing, GIS, volcanic and seismic hazards
  • Mercy Ashepet, Social biologist
    citizen science, snail-borne diseases, natural harzard, surveys, Focus group discussions
  • Axel Deijns, Geographer
    Geomorphology, natural hazards, environmental change, fieldwork, capacity building
  • Arthur Depicker
  • Olivier Dewitte, Physical geographer
    Geomorfologie, natuurlijke gevaren, milieuverandering, terrein, capaciteitsopbouw
  • Antoine Dille, Physical geographer
  • Mohamed Laghmouch, Cartographer
    GIS, cartography, optical remote sensing
  • Caroline Michellier, Geographer
    Natural hazards, vulnerability, GIS, awareness tools, fieldwork, capacity building
  • Benoît Smets, Geologist
    Remote sensing, GIS, volcanic hazards

Technical and administrative staff

  • Evelyne Gilles, "Chemical technician and collection support"
    Map library maintenance
  • Toufik Moussouni, Collection technician
    Scanning of aerial photographs


Emeritus researchers