Calling all food enthusiasts: help highlight African cuisine in Belgium

Project title
Vyakulani Africa 
June 2024 – January 2025 

Vyakulani is Swahili for “in the foods” or “which foods”, which embodies our intention to explore and celebrate the rich and diverse food traditions of the African diasporas. 

Join the Afro brunch on 20.07.2024

Interest in nutritious plant-based diets is on the rise, yet African foods have not gained the recognition they deserve in Europe despite efforts to promote fair-trade food systems. For African diasporas in Europe, cooking with traditional ingredients remains a key part of their identity and heritage. However, the influence of Western lifestyles and biases against African food often echo colonial attitudes, limiting the acceptance and awareness of nutritious African foods like millet, fonio, and sorghum.

While other exotic dishes like kimchi, lemongrass, and quinoa are widely accepted, African superfoods and the role of African agrofood entrepreneurship in biodiversity conservation are not well-known. The project aims to:
•    Highlight the importance and potential of African food systems.
•    Encourage Africans in Europe to reconnect with their culinary traditions.
•    Promote healthy African foods to the wider public.

We will document African diasporas foodways in Belgium using a citizen science approach. Members of the African diasporas will define research questions, collect food stories, and share the results through a three-step process: REFLECT, COLLECT, and CELEBRATE. 

Join us in exploring and celebrating the richness of African cuisine in Europe!


Afro Brunch 

We invite you to join us for a unique Afro brunch that celebrates the rich and diverse flavors of Africa.

This brunch is more than just a meal; it's about community, connection, and cultural exchange. It will be an immersive cultural experience for people from all walks of life to come together, share stories, and celebrate the rich cultural tapestry that African cuisine represents.

Date: 20 July 2024 

Time: 11:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. 

Location: CNCD-11.11.11, Quai du Commerce 9, 1000 Brussels



Who are we?

Vyakulani Africa is an initiative of The Food Bridge vzw in collaboration with the AfricaMuseum. It has received support from the Impetus Accelerator for Citizen Science. It is part of its second call.