Visit of Waza and Faire-Part within the framework of the HOME-project


The Waza Art Centre (Lubumbashi) and the cineaste collective Faire-part (Kinshasa) have been working with the AfricaMuseum since 2021 as part of the HOME project on a broad survey of the future of human remains. 

From 16 October to 12 November, the filmmakers Paul Shemisi, Nizar Saleh and Noah Matanga from Faire-Part and the artistic researchers Stéphane Kabila, Joseph Kasau and Patrick Mudekereza from the Art Centre Waza will come to Brussels to visit the archives and collections, collaborate with experts and activists from various diaspora organisations and meet the institutional partners of the HOME project.

As part of HOME, the artistic researchers and cinéasts of Waza and Faire-part are contributing to five activities during their stay.


visit of the partners


Memorial walk and performance in memory of the Congolese victims of Belgium's human zoos

1.11.2022 / 11h / Tervuren

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MuseumTalk: Quel avenir pour les restes humains ?

3.11.2022 / 19h30 / online

Suzanne Monkasa, Paul Shemisi, Stéphane Kabila & Lies Busselen

Modération : Marie-Reine Iyumva

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Screening: The Shadow of Words

5.11.2022 / 18h30 / Brussels

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Conference: “Give and Take – Anthropology as Exchange”

10.11.2022 / 16h / online

At the annual conference of the Swiss Anthropological Society from 10 to 12 November 2022 in Neuchâtel, Patrick Mudekereza and Lies Busselen will contribute to the panel "Beyond the innocence of the museum - Ethnographic museums in exchange with source communities" on provenance research and cooperation with Congolese partners of the HOME project. This panel addresses the treatment of problematic collections in ethnographic museums in relation to countries of provenance and source communities. In their presentation Challenging collaborations in a changed museum landscape, Patrick Mudekereza and Lies Busselen will examine the challenges and opportunities of concrete collaborations with Congolese partners, as well as the importance of provenance research in source countries.

Patrick Mudekereza is a writer and cultural operator in DR Congo. He has a background in chemistry (University of Lubumbashi) and art history (University of Witwatersrand). He is currently artistic director of the Waza art centre in Lubumbashi. He has contributed to several art projects, including the organisation of several exhibitions, such as Congo Far West in 2012 at the AfricaMuseum. In 2015, he was awarded the Congolese national prize "Art, science and literature". In the framework of HOME, he collaborated in mapping Congolese interlocutors and filmed conversations in Lubumbashi.

Lies Busselen is a historian and anthropologist by training. She worked for 11.11.11. for several years and lived in Kinshasa for two years, where she worked as a representative of Viva Salud for the Congolese right to health movement. Afterwards, she immersed herself in the treatment of the colonial past in museums around Europe. Since 2020, she has been working on the provenance of collections of human remains and collaborating with Congolese partners on a network in the Congo as part of the HOME project.

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  • Online
  • Date : Thursday 10 November 2022
  • Time : 16h-18h
  • Language : English
  • Free
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Cérémonie de commémoration des anciens combattants congolais de la Force Publique

11.11.2022 / 14h / Brussels

Chaque année, Bakushinta, une asbl qui vise à valoriser le patrimoine culturel congolais en Belgique, organise la commémoration des anciens combattants congolais de la Force Publique. Par cette commémoration, Bakushinta entend rendre hommage à la vie des anciens combattants, de leurs familles, de leurs épouses, de leurs enfants et de leurs descendants. Les anciens combattants et leurs familles ont été recrutés de force ou volontairement dans l'ancienne armée congolaise. Leurs histoires sont trop peu connues et ne font pas suffisamment partie de la mémoire collective sur les guerres mondiales. C'est ce que Bakushinta essaie de changer. 
Bakushinta envisage plusieurs contributions cette année en collaboration avec Change asbl et d'autres associations de la diaspora. Faire-Part et Waza participeront à la commémoration en présentant une deuxième performance intitulée "Le futur passé ".

Practical information

  • Place: Square François Riga, Schaerbeek
  • Date :  11 November 2022
  • Time : 14h00 - 16h00 
  • Language : French
  • Free
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