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  • Smitz, N.,  Jouvenet, O.,  Ligate, FA.,  Crosmary, W-G.,  Ikanda, D.,  Chardonnet, P.,  Fusari, A.,  Meganck, K.,  Gillet, F.,  Melletti, M. & Michaux, J. 2018. ‘A genome-wide data assessment of the African lion (Panthera leo) population genetic structure and diversity in Tanzania’. Tzen-Yuh Chiang (ed), PLoS ONE 13: e0205395. DOI: URL:  I.F. 2.806.
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  • Virgilio, M.,  Daneel, JH.,  Manrakhan, A.,  Delatte, H.,  Meganck, K. & De Meyer, M. 2018. ‘An integrated diagnostic setup for the morphological and molecular identification of the Ceratitis FAR complex (C. anonae, C. fasciventris, C. rosa, C. quilicii, Diptera, Tephritidae)’. Bulletin of Entomological Research.  I.F. 1.72.
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  • Meganck, K.Smitz, N.,  Gombeer, S.,  Van Bourgonie, YR.,  Backeljau, T. & De Meyer, M. 2019. ‘DNA-barcoding for forensics: experiences from three years of BopCo’. 8th International Barcode of Life Conference. Book of abstracts. 120. DOI: 10.1139/gen-2016-0195.
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