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Anoek De Paepe

Cultural anthropology & history
Archives and collection management - Conservation Lab

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  • Non peer-review (3)
  • De Paepe, Anoek. 2020. ‘Embrittlement of Black Resin: Discoveries during the Challenging Conservation Treatment of a Chokwe Mukanda Mask’. Sabine Cotte and Catherine Smith (eds), Objects from Indigenous and World Cultures: Conservation Newsletter 5. ICOM-CC International council of museums - Committee for Conservation. ISSN: 2517-9683. URL: file:///C:/Users/ADePaepe/Downloads/Newsletter%20Objects%20WG%20no%205%20June%202020%20(1).pdf.
  • De Paepe, AnoekGenbrugge, Siska & van Es, M. 2019. ‘The use of paper-based materials for the treatment of plant fibers’. Eng-Wilmot, Kira ; Casteneda, Allison ; Frankel, Nora ; Getts, Anne ; Schmitt, Emma ; Urick, Jessica (eds), The textile specialty group postprints 28: 52-66. Washington : Textile Specialty Group of the American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC). ISSN: 2169-1363.
  • De Paepe, Anoek. 2018. ‘Hoofddeksel met glaskralen uit Katanga: van museumobject naar studieobject. Een evaluatie van drie verschillende methodes om gedegradeerde glaskralen te stabiliseren’. Marjan Buyle (ed), Keuzes en dilemma's in de conservatie-restauratie: postprints van de internationale studiedagen BRK-APROA/die Keure, 9 = Choix et dilemmes en conservation-restauration: postprints des journées d'étude internationales APROA-BRK/la Charte, 9 9: 105-111. Brugge : die Keure. ISSN: 978 90 4863 290 9.