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Guido Gryseels

Guido Gryseels
Department: Directorate general
Division: Directorate general
Job Title: Honorary Director General
Phone: 32 2 769 5285

Doctor of Agricultural Sciences (Ph.D.),
Agricultural University of Wageningen, The Netherlands

Diploma in Agricultural Economics,
University of New England, Armidale, Australia

Licentiate in Economic Sciences (M.A.),
Doctorandus in Economic Sciences (M.Sc.),
Diploma in Audiovisual Communication,
Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

Secondary School and Certificate of Maturity
St. Victorinstituut Alsemberg, Belgium


Current Position:
Dr. Guido Gryseels is Director General of the Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA) in Tervuren, Belgium. The RMCA is a federal scientific institute for research and information dissemination with respect to Africa in the fields of biology, earth sciences, anthropology, history and agriculture/forestry. The RMCA has world famous reference collections for Central Africa and has international recognition for its exhibitions and research on cultural and natural heritage, societies and natural environments of Africa.
The RMCA has more than 275 staff of which 90 scientists and a budget of around 20 million euro annually. The RMCA has collaborative research activities in more than 20 African countries and provides training every year to nearly 120 African scientists.

Other Professional Activities
Guido Gryseels is a member of the Board of Directors of Federal Science Policy, and of the Flemish Fund for Scientific Research. At the Netherlands Fund for Scientific Research, he is Chair of the Program Committee for Food and Business Research in Developing Countries. In France, he is Chair of the Jury for assessing ARIMnet-research projects. He is Chair of the International Congo Biodiversity Consortium.
Dr Gryseels is a member of the Jury of the King Baudouin International Development Prize and Chair of the Jury of the Louis Malassis International Scientific Prize for Food and Agriculture. He serves as an advisor to the European Commission for the evaluation of research projects.

CGIAR experience (see also Previous Positions held)
2003-2009 Member, and from 2006 also Chair, Board of Trustees of ICARDA
2008-2009 Chair, CGIAR Alliance Board
2008-2009 Member, CGIAR Change Management Team
2005 Member, CGIAR Africa Task Force
1987-2001 Senior Agricultural Research Officer/Deputy
Executive Secretary of TAC/CGIAR. In this capacity I organised and participated in 10 External Program and
Management Reviews of CGIAR centres and several stripe reviews of CGIAR Activities
1998-2001 Executive Secretary of CGIAR Impact Assessment and Evaluation Group (IAEG), later renamed Standing Panel
for Impact Assessment (SPIA)
1979-1987 Agricultural Economist, Highlands Research Programme, ILCA/ILRI, Ethiopia

Previous Positions Held:
2000 to August 2001 Deputy Executive Secretary, TAC/CGIAR and Principal Agricultural Research Officer, FAO. In this
capacity, I had particular responsibility for the work of TAC’s Standing Committee on CGIAR
Priorities and Strategies (SCOPAS), and of TAC’s Standing Panel for Impact Assessment (SPIA).
1998-1999 Executive Secretary, CGIAR Impact Assessment and Evaluation Group (IAEG), UNDP – New York but outposted to
FAO, Rome (under a secondment agreement between FAO and UNDP).
1993-1998 Deputy and Acting Executive Secretary, TAC/CGIAR and Senior Agricultural Research Officer, FAO.
1987-1993 Senior Agricultural Research Officer, TAC Secretariat, FAO.

Other Work Experience:
From February 1979 to April 1987, I worked at the International Livestock Centre for Africa (ILCA), based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and held the following positions:

2/86 - 4/87 Deputy Director, Department of Outreach.
1/84 - 4/87 Assistant to the Director General
5/79 - 1/86 Senior Agricultural Economist, Highlands Research Programme.
2/79 - 4/79 Editor, Information and Training Department.

Other Relevant Work Experience:
2008 and 2012 Member, Visitation Committee Rijksmuseum Volkenkunde, Leiden
2001-2011 Chair, Jury of Belgian Development Cooperation Prize
2011 Member, Visitation Committee Afrikamuseum, Berg en Dal
2005 Chair, Review Panel of Sustainable Development Department, FAO
2000 Member of the Panel that conducted the External Review of the Flemish Institute for Biotechnology (VIB) in
Ghent, Belgium.
1998-2001 Chair, Parents Teachers Association, Southlands English School, Rome (Italy)
1998 Coordinator, Strategic Planning Group, Sustainable Development Department, FAO.
1997 Member, FAO Working Group on Medium-Term Planning.
1987-1995 Represented the TAC Secretariat in the FAO Interdepartmental Working Group on Science and Technology.
1990-1996 Representative of the FAO Association of Professional Staff.
1984-85 Member, Advisory Group on Dairy Policy, Government of Ethiopia.
3/85 Consultant to the UNDP, New York.
Assignment: Appraisal of Livestock Research and Development in Burundi.
11/84 Consultant to the World Bank, Washington, D.C.
Assignment: Appraisal of Livestock Research in Burundi.
10-11/83 Consultant to the World Bank, Washington, D.C.
Assignment: Planning and Appraisal of Livestock Research in Rwanda.
1983-87 Member, Advisory Board, Ethiopian Journal of Agricultural Science.
4-5/83 Director of ILCA/EDI Seminar on "Planning and Appraisal of Livestock Projects" (in French), Addis Ababa.
1977-78 Tutor (part-time) at the University of New England, Australia.



2012 Awarded by the Belgian King the Royal medal of “Grand Officer in the Order of the Crown” as recognition of research
work in Africa
1985 “Most Promising Young Flemish 1985", awarded by Jaycees Belgium
1977/78 Australian-European Award


Name: GRYSEELS, Guido

Business Address:
Royal Museum for Central Africa
Leuvensesteenweg 13
B-3080 Tervuren

Tel: (32-2) 769 52 85
Mobile: (32) 476 201 047
Fax: (32-2) 769 52 42

Private Address:
Rotselaerlaan 59
B-3080 Tervuren
Tel: (32-2) 380 53 28

Nationality: Belgian

Languages: Fluent written and spoken English, French and Dutch; good German and elementary Italian.

Date of Birth: 11 August 1952

Marital Status: Married. Two children